Closest Images Of Pluto And More From New Horizon!

On January 19, 2006 the New Horizon space probe was launched on a mission to study Pluto and Kuiper belt. After almost 9 and a half year we have reached the Pluto Fly-by and we have received the closest images of Pluto ever here is a small look at what it has accomplished as of now.

New Horizon sent Pluto’s Moon, Charon’s close images on July 15 which give quite a few details to study.

Closest Images of Pluto- New Horizon 1

Pluto and Charon. The colours of both are exaggerated so that it is easy to see their different features. Also they are not as close as shown in this picture. The image was created a day before New horizon had to be the closest to pluto.

Closest Images of Pluto- New Horizon 2

This how far pluto and charon are when clicked from a distance of 3.7 million miles.

Closest Images of Pluto- New Horizon 3

On The way to Pluto, the New Horizon also clicked images of Jupiter along with its Volcanic moon La. This was clicked back in 2007.

Closest Images of Pluto- New Horizon 5 Close Image of Pluto

It also clicked images of four large Galilean moons namely Lo, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. In the following image they are shown from left to write.Closest Images of Pluto- New Horizon moons of JupiterImage of Pluto captured on July 13, 16 hours before its closest encounter with Pluto.

Closest Images of Pluto- New Horizon on July 13

And the reason this post is being made. Here is the closest image of Pluto till date. Region near the equator of Pluto has a range of youthful mountains. There might be a chance of presence of H2O in form of ice on Pluto.

Closest Images of Pluto- New HorizonHope you liked the images we are waiting for new horizon to send more images from Pluto and beyond.

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