Bizarre Hotels From Around The World!

We all like holidays, and a very important factor that determines our holiday is the Hotel that we stay in. Here we take a look at a few of the most unique hotels, most of them are unique in a weird way!

1. Dog Bark Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho

Dog Bark Park Inn Weirdest Hotels around the world It goes without saying that this is a hotel for dog lovers, The room sleeps 4 and has all the amenities including microwave and excluding a television and a telephone.

2. Forest Hut Hotel, Kolarbyn, Sweden

Forest Hut Hotel Weirdest Hotels around the world Looking for an ultimate adventure that also gives peace to your soul. Well, here is a hotel where you can live the life of Mowgli walking through jungles to your room or choose to stay peacefully away from city chores.

3. Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Urgup, Turkey

Gamirasu Cave Hotel - Weirdest Hotels around the world

This cave house used to have prison cells in former times, if you ever dreamed of cave vacations but were afraid there will be no luxuries, this is the place for you.

4. V8 Hotel, Meilenwerk, Germany

V8 Hotel - Weirdest Hotels around the world

Are you a car fanatic! well then this one is for your next visit to Germany. V8 Hotel offers beds made of high end cars like Ferrari, Mercedes etc or you can choose to sleep in the workshop themed room where the bed is lifted on actual jacks.

5. Dockside Crane Hotel, Harlingen, Netherlands

Weirdest Hotels around the world - dockside-crane-hotel

This is an actual crane which has been converted into a fascinating hideaway for a couple.

6. Jumbo Stay, Arlanda, Sweden

Weirdest Hotels around the world - jumbo-hostel

This 1971 vintage plane chose not to retire, instead it was converted into a 27 room hotel with the cockpit being converted into a Luxury Suite.

7. The Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

Weirdest Hotels around the world - The Giraffe Manor

A popular spot for tourists on Safari, The Giraffe Manor gives a resort like feel. The feature that makes it a part of bizarre hotels is the fact that you will have Giraffes poking in from your windows time to time.

8. Can Sleep, Lake Skanderberg, Denmark


Love Beer? Each of those beer can is a 12.5 ft high two storey room for you to enjoy your beer can in a beer can! There are 114 of those! Its time to get drunk!

9. Capsule Hotels, Japan

capsule-hotels Japan - Weirdest Hotels around the world

Each of those door is a Room strictly for 1 person! A cheap option you get in Japan to spend nights

10. Capsule hotel, Den hag, Netherlands

Weirdest Hotels around the world capsule-hotel-den-haag

A bigger Capsule that floats in water and is your room if you choose to stay in Capsule hotel during your trip to The Netherlands.

11. CasAnus, Kemzeke, Belgium

Weirdest Hotels around the world CasAnus

This hotel is big size model of a human intestine, though it might look weird from the outside it is very cozy from the inside.

12. Das Park Hotel, Ottensheim, Austria

Weirdest Hotels around the world Das-Park-Hotel

Ever wondered where the old Drain Pipes go? Well here they have been repurposed to for small rooms which can be accessed with the digital keypad!

13. The Hobbit Motel, New Zealand

Weirdest Hotels around the world Hobbit Motel

Are you a Lord of the rings fan! If yes, this one is for you the first Hobbit hotel with round doors and windows.

14. Jail Hotel, Luzern, Switzerland

Weirdest Hotels around the world Jail Hotel


This hotel was made in 1999 from a prison, the prison was constructed in 1862. This hotel still has Thick walls and heavy doors like those of a Prison give you a prison like feel.

15. Null Stern Hotel, Teuten, Switzerland

Weirdest Hotels around the world Null-Stern-Hotel

It used to be a Swiss nuclear bunker but is now converted into a hotel. It has two large rooms accommodating 14 people each, if you wish you can enter your room through a hidden tunnel.

16. Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Weirdest Hotels around the world original ice hotel

The first Ice Hotel of the world has almost everything made of Ice including the Glasses you will use for your shots! It is open or available only from December to April!

17. Palacio de Sal, Uyuni, Bolivia

Weirdest Hotels around the world Palacio-de-Sal


This hotel is entirely made of Salt whether it be the floor, walls or the bed you will sleep on!

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