Bizarre Facts That Will Make You Lose Faith In The Modern World

Better healthcare facilities, evolution of new technology and ease of availability of resources are some of the advantages of living in the modern era. However, in this commotion there are certain bizarre facts too which will make you feel tied down.

1. Richer You Are, The Longer You LiveThe Richer You Are, The Longer You’ll Live

Strange but true, figures prove that richer a person is, better are the chances of them leading a longer life. US men born in 1930’s and belonging to lower income group had a life expectancy of 76.1 years. In comparison, those in the top 20 percent of income group had a life expectancy of 88.8 years during the same period.

2. Love Life Has Relation With Credit Scorecredit score love life relation

According to a recent report released by US Federal Reserve Board, the success of a relationship largely depends on the credit score of a person. This means that you should be able to pay your bills on time, should not be under any kind of debt and should be in a position to offer all the comforts of life to your spouse.

3. Toy Guns Will Be Banned But Not The Real OnesA&M University allows guns

United States has been witness to large number of shootouts carried within the premises of educational institutions. This trend has been witnessed the most in Texas. A&M University in Texas is making it legitimate for students to carry real guns to campus from the 2016 session. Scary as it might sound, this news is true and many other institutions are also following suit.

4. Your Name Can Have Impact On Your Career ProspectsYour name can have impact on your career prospects

Another reality of living in United States is that your name can have impact on your career prospects. It is an admitted fact that applicants with black names are 33 percent less likely to receive an interview call as compared to job seekers having a white name.

5. Health Status Means Less To State Than You ThinkHealth status means less to state than you think

While states as Texas and Oklahoma pay a significant amount for any health related injury like loss of a limb, other states do not care much. In most of the states, loss of a limb will entitle you for a compensation of $145,000; workers can expect up to $1 Million as compensation for a similar loss in Texas.

6. Educated Female Face Challenge Finding Compatible PartnersEducated female face challenge finding compatible partners

In states as Manhattan there are 38 percent more college educated women under the age of 25 in comparison to men. This figure rises to a staggering 86 percent in Miami. This means that these girls are likely to face challenges while looking for a compatible partner.

7. Poor Are More Likely To Die More In Car CrashesPoor are more likely to die more in car crashes

An interesting report by Washington Post hints that poor people are more likely to die in car crashes in comparison to rich. Low income means that cars are not equipped with all the safety essentials and this can cause fatal accidents.

8. Publication Of Fifty Shades Led To Increase In Sex Toy InjuriesPublication of Fifty Shades led to increase in sex toy injuries

Sex toy related injuries are common in United States. However, the publication of Fifty Shades of Grey led to a drastic increase in such injuries. 1,500 such injuries were recorded in 2005 which has been the highest number since such injuries have been recorded, when 50 Shades became popular globally the number soared to 2,500 in 2012.

9. American Toddlers Kill One Person A WeekAmerican toddlers kill one person a week

Toddlers killing people is a scary fact. A two year old shot his grandmother on October 12, 2015 in South Carolina. States as Missouri and Florida are known the most for such incidents which have left people shaken.

10. Chances Of Being Bitten By A Fellow AmericanChances of being bitten by a fellow American

In United States people fear being bitten by another American than by a rat. In 2012, over 40,000 such cases were recorded. It seems bizarre but its true and much debate is going on finding reasons for the same.

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