Biggest Comeback Fails In Sports!


Sometimes when you make a comeback after a break you are not the same. When it comes to international Sports arena the are way too high. Here are some of the greatest sportspersons who failed very badly on their comeback.

1. Lance ArmstrongWorst Comeback fails - Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong became a seven-time Tour de France champion after the courageous come back from cancer but this is not what it’s about. In 2010, Armstrong decided that he would ride again in the Tour. He failed the expectations after finishing third in his first comeback in 2009. In years ahead, no one will remember Lance’s last futile race so we prefer to remember him as the giant who dominated France for seven straight years.

2. Michael JordanWorst Comeback fails - Michael Jordan

MJ’s appearance in Wizards blue was just weak and disappointing. He looked completely blank and out of place. He also looked old without his trademark hops and explosiveness. He simply didn’t have the legs to carry the Wizards as much as they expected during his two seasons, even though he became the oldest person to ever score 40 points in an NBA game. He also scored over 20 points and five rebounds per game during his time in Washington, but it simply wasn’t the same and became unsatisfied with the play from his teammates.

3. Evander HolyfieldWorst Comeback fails - Evander Holyfield

Holyfield recently became one of the oldest heavyweight champions ever at age 47 by winning the WBF heavyweight belt. He took the belt from, Francois Botha, who was 41 years old at the time. Though he never really retired, Holyfield has taken seven of his 10 career losses in the last 11 years and is just 7-7-1 over that time.

4. Dave CowensWorst Comeback fails - Dave Cowens

Cowens is a Celtics all-time great. During his 10 years in Boston he led the Green to two NBA titles. Before retiring from the Celtics in 1980 he averaged 17.6 points and 13.6 rebounds per game during his career. In 1982 Cowens was persuaded out of retirement to play for the Milwaukee Bucks. He averaged 8.1 points and 6.9 rebounds per game during his one season with the Bucks. His performance was not the same from what his fans were used to seeing in Boston.

5. Mike TysonWorst Comeback fails - Mike Tyson

After losing consecutive fights to Evander Holyfield in 1996 and 1997, including the latter “Bite Fight”, Mike Tyson knew he simply didn’t have the same skills he once did. He never officially retired. The former heavyweight champ slowly toiled away and it was never the same. Tyson went 5-3, plus two no contests, over his last 10 fights, including being knocked out by Lennox Lewis in 2002 when he was clearly overmatched. He finally bowed out of boxing after he was knocked out in his second to last fight.

6. Muhammad AliWorst Comeback fails - Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was not the same by the time 1978 rolled around. His defeat to Leon Spinks in February of that year appeared to be the end of the Greatest. Later in the year he defeated Spinks and won back his WBA. However, by that time Ali was almost finished. He retired and left the title in September 1979. Later he returned to the ring in 1980 but lost his last two fights to 31-year-old Larry Holmes and 26-year-old Trevor Berbick before he finally ended his career realizing he had neither the legs nor the strength to keep up with his younger competition.

7. Mike PowellWorst Comeback fails - Mike Powell

Powell holds the long jump world record. Still even 10 years after the fact he wasn’t ready to give up his career. While the two-time silver medalist retired following the 1996 Olympics, he decided to return in 2001 with the goal of qualifying for the 2004 Olympics in mind. However, he failed to make the U.S. team and has since moved on to work as an Olympic Track & Field analyst.

8. Rickey HendersonWorst Comeback fails - Rickey Henderson

Rickey Henderson has been known as the rainbow-pattern Oakley wearing, mouthy, tight panted base stealing phenomenon with the Athletics and Yankees. Rickey continued to live that dream for years after he left the A’s in 1995. He bounced around numerous teams with varied success before parting Major League Baseball in 2003, after 16 years in the big leagues. But later Henderson made one last comeback with the Newark Bears of the Independent League and the San Diego Surf Dawgs of the Golden Baseball League. He piled up stats in both independent leagues, but eventually had to have his jersey ripped off his back.

9. Brett FavreWorst Comeback fails - Brett Favre

Favre’s comeback wasn’t so much of a failure as it was simply annoying for millions of football fans who simply wanted him gone. But the last time Favre un-retired, it didn’t work out so well for the former Packers legend. After being shipped to the New York Jets last summer, it gunslinger sure looked like he should have called it quits. Favre, for one, led the NFL in interceptions thrown, and his poor performances behind center during the second half of the season kept the Jets from making the playoffs, who were 8-3 at one time.

10. Jim PalmerWorst-Comeback-fails-Jim-Palmer

Jim Palmer was man who won three Cy Young Awards, 268 games, three World Series and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990. He wanted to see what he was left with so in 1991, Jim Palmer attempted a comeback with the Orioles .i.e. seven years after his retirement. Before immediately giving up on his comeback, Palmer’s return lasted all of two innings of spring training play, during which he gave up two runs on five hits.

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