Better Be Cautious While Playing These Sports, They Might Kill You

Sports are a form of relaxing and energizing your muscles. While majority of sports are relaxing enough, some can be considered as dangerous. Below are listed some of these adventurous sports that you should be cautious about while playing.

1. Base Jumping

This is essentially similar to parachuting with the difference being that person doing so hurl themselves down from fixed structures. The event has been listed as illegal in many countries as the people push themselves against pressure of wind.


2. Heli-Skiing

Heli- skiing is another sport; you should proceed with caution in. While it might sound exciting to ski down from a slope, the possibility of your getting stuck in a blizzard is very real as this sporting activity takes place at a very high altitude.


3. Scuba diving

Scuba diving takes the diver deep within the ocean. However, if the diver dives in too fast the chances of suffering from decompression illness are very high. This can cause damage to spinal cord and can also result in lung failure. Attacks from stray shark can also occur in such cases.

scuba diving

4. Cave Diving

Low visibility and lighting failure are some of the perils of cave diving that you should be aware of before trying your hand at it. You can also suffer from air loss and rising to the surface can be a problem.

cave diving

5. Bull Riding

The rider should be able to stay atop the bull even when it attempts to throw off the rider. Severe injuries might occur as the bull can weigh up to 2000 pounds. The art is to stay aloof and enjoy the ride.

bull riding

6. Big wave surfing

Though it might sound exciting to be able to surf atop the waves hazards as drowning or being pulled into the waves by surging current is very high. Your head can also smash against underwater rocks in some of the cases.

big wave surfing

7. Street Luge

This sport is much like skateboarding and the rider has a supine position while doing street luge. Since they move forward with force due to gravity, the chances of them getting hit on the way are very real.


8. Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is another adventure sport which comes with its share of risks. You might suffer from range of injuries as twisted ankles, broken bones and back injury. While it does sound exciting to be atop the mountain, not taking adequate precautions can land you in serious trouble.

mountain climbing

Adventure sport is an exciting proportion and if you take adequate precautions it could become real fun and you are likely to enjoy a lot.


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