Best Sports Moments Of 2014

Greatest Sports Moment - 2014 NBA Playoffs James LeBron on table

2015 in terms of sports has started with a bang, but 2014 was no less. There were some very special sports moments in 2014 which made sports fans emotional. A lot more has happened off the field and away from the courts. From numerous violence, scandals, controversies and retirements it has included almost everything. However, you might have observed these moments on the go when it was live, but here we are putting some light once again so that if you have missed, can have a glimpse once again, and we are discussing only on field moments here.

1. T.J. Oshie’s Shootout

Greatest Sports Moment - T. J. Oshie's Shootout

U.S hockey team’s win over Russia was the most exciting game of the Olympic hockey tournament. In the preliminary round itself both teams tied at the final whistle and even after timeout so shootout was decided to declare the winner. Oshie stepped in for the U.S team when they need it most, He took five straight shots and converted 3 of them to perfect goals including the game-winner.


Greatest Sports Moment - US OPEN 2014

After being a rough summer at Wimbledon, no one was hoping that Serena Williams is going to hit the tournament at the U.S. Open in New York. She clearly silenced all her doubters and those who criticized her for poor form. The vintage form she consistently carried during the tournament made her win her 6th U.S. Open championship and 18th Grand Slam Title for her glorious career. She defeated Caroline Wozniacki to hold the crown.

3. PGA Championship

Greatest Sports Moment - Rory MclloryGreatest Sports Moment - Rory Mcllory

In the final of PGA championship at Valhalla Golf Club, four golfers were in the hunt for the title and daylight was also fading because of the two-hour rain delay. Rory Mcllory had finished with perfect 9 shots at the end to take the lead. Before it, he was almost indispensable and no one was hoping to witness the consistency of such accurate shots. On the 18th hole near darkness he made a comeback with the final putt to win his fourth career major and second PGA Championship.

4. Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

Greatest Sports Moment - Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

In the middle of tornado like weather and with almost 6 hours of delays, NASCAR’s most popular driver grabbed the title for the NASCAR’s biggest race. For Earnhardt Jr. it was a long awaited win after almost 10 years and that too on the same track “Daytona” where his father lost his life on the last lap in 2001. There could be no better way to start the year for both Earnhardt Jr. and NASCAR.

5. 2014 NBA Playoffs

Greatest Sports Moment - 2014 NBA Playoffs James LeBron on table

It was the moment when LeBron James of Miami Heats in the semifinal game of NBA 2014 against Brooklyn Nets jumped on the scorer’s table to delight the crowd. That time a perfect picture was snapped to catch the glimpse in which the whole arena is focused on the one of the best player of the game. The dynamic personality filled with lots of energy and enthusiasm was well enough to make the spectators enjoy.

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