Be Aware Or You Might Regret These 12 Things Before You Die Just Like Many Others Do

Life is full of challenges these days and maximum challenges are self grown. As we move forward, we get addicted to materialism to an extent that we forget the real meaning of living. The moment we wake up early morning, we rush to the office, get exhausted whole day and crush into the bed the moment we are back. Glad, we try to eat in the meal hours at times. Many of us miss that too. We know that this struggle is not leading to eternal happiness still we continue to follow the same trend every day. Of course you will live your life the same way but be aware that life is really short and you have to struggle a lot to be happy. Live whatever way you want and do not regret these things like many others do:

1. I wish I had kept all my worries aside.

Thinking about something that is out of your control, only keeps your mind occupied. Stay away from worries as much as you can.

2. Wish I had spent quality time with my loved ones than in office.

Spending hours in office might get you more money but might take your loved ones far away.

3. I wish I had forgiven people and forgotten things at the right time.

By not taking right decisions at right time, you often tend to lose good relations in life. Try to forgive quickly and forget things as quick as possible.

4. Wish I had done what I wanted

Nobody cares for anybody it’s you and only you who have to care about what you want in life. Stand up for yourself.

5. I wish I lived the way I wanted

People will try to be your guide at every level and listening to them will simply go against what you want. Live the way you want.

6. Wish I was honest to myself and people around

Be honest to yourself and everyone around.

7. I wish I was working less and enjoying more

Most of us just keep running after money, fully loaded with stress. It’s good to follow your passion but forgetting your happiness will make things horrible for you.

8. Wish I had the courage to encounter my fears

Have the courage to face the realities of people and life. Face them and take things under your control.

9. I wish I was not chasing the wrong things

You know what’s right and what’s wrong deep inside, you just need to realize and manage accordingly.

10. Wish I had lived each and every moment of my life

It’s your life you can decide what’s right and what’s wrong. Live each moment like never before, be happy, enjoy every moment and spread happiness. Stop being stressed for no reason, else you might regret everything at the end.

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