Australia vs New Zealand For Migration

Thinking of migrating to Australia or New Zealand? While both the countries offer a viable atmosphere for enriching your personal and professional life, it is indeed tough to choose the best option among the both.


The extraordinary scenery and vibrant lifestyle of Australia is something which makes it a viable migration destination. The exotic wildlife, be it kangaroos or the koalas, also offer a tempting reason to people interested in wildlife to migrate to this nation.Australia vs New Zealand For Migration (2)If you have interest in gastronomy, literature and performing arts, Australia is a perfect migration destination for you. Its cities, be it Melbourne, Adelaide, Pert or Brisbane are all regarded as the best places on Earth to live and you can consider yourself indeed lucky if you are living in any of these places.
Social work and teaching are some of the careers which pay handsomely in Australia. If you consider social work as a career in Australia, you can expect up to £52,738 as the average salary. Similarly, teaching as a career in Australia will offer you £31,000 as average salary which is quite competitive given the quality atmosphere you will get for giving your services. World Health Index Ranking also places Australia at 12th position in the world.

New Zealand

A remote and geologically vibrant country, New Zealand is a world in itself. The outdoor adventure options in New Zealand are many and those with a positive attitude to life will find their calling in New Zealand. The minimum wages offered in New Zealand are £9.01 and social work as a career in this island nation offers an average compensation of £36,632. Australia vs New Zealand For Migration (3)While teaching as a career option offers salaries similar to those in Australia, if you are into plumbing work, New Zealand is the best place to be in the world. The salaries for plumbers are among the best in the world in New Zealand. The property prices are also on the lower side here and you could turn into a millionaire with ease if you invest wisely. The World Healthcare Index Rankings are also positive and New Zealand ranks the 4th in the world, when it comes to providing quality health to people.

When it comes to migration, Australia offers numerous options including Working Holiday Visa, Employer Sponsored Visa and those for people in professions as Doctors and Nurses.Australia vs New Zealand For Migration
Similarly, people willing to migrate to New Zealand also can seek the same under different visas. Those with professional qualifications in healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Tourism and Hospitality find it easier to seek permanent Visa to this unique country.

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