Are You Ready For A Relationship? 8 Facts To Know Before You Decide To Date!

Know before dating

Relationship can be complicated but dating is not. Dating is simply awesome. You get butterflies in your stomach the moment you see a hot chick in college. But before you think about dating her, you should know a few things. Here’s a checklist below that one should consider before getting into relationship with her.

Don’t Lie, Just Be True.

We understand you are crazy about her but you liked her friend earlier and still decided not to tell her, might go totally wrong for you in the longer run. She will understand that you had flings or maybe you dated a couple of girls earlier too. In case she cannot accept this fact, stop thinking about dating her.

Give Some Breathing Space.

You pick her and you drop her wherever she wants to go, girls love it. Texting her 27X7 will be too much if you do that too. Trust her she will be safe. Give her some space too. Let her be with her girl friends. Everyone loves independence.

Agreed, It Not Exciting Anymore. SO WHAT? 

Things get little monotonous and boring with time. Nothing remains extremely exciting and happening and so do relationship. So what? It can’t be about movies, flowers, great outfits always. It will be as normal as any other relationship. You should be okay about it as long as you know you are with the right one.

It’s Okay If You Don’t Say I Love You Every Second.

Feel the love you don’t need to keep saying “I love you”. There are no guidelines to holding hands, expressing your love or kissing. Do it when you feel like. Don’t take the pressure of saying it again and again. Live the moments.

Stop Tracking Words. Let It Go.

Expressing and explaining your point is great. Getting into minor arguments too is fine to an extent but being mean because of the last fight will dump your relation in the hole. Stop tracking each word. Be little easy and let it go.

You Deserve Respect.

You are awesome and even they are. Respect each other. Don’t take shit from anyone. Never let them make you feel inferior. In case still this happens though you were kind then it’s time to let them go. May be they are not worth your love and time.

Be Yourself And Don’t Push It That Hard.

Since you want to be with them you try hard to keep up the relationship. If your relation expects too much of efforts, it’s simply not worth it. Having great feelings for them is what you know. If she doesn’t understand your feelings, just let her spare your life with peace. It’s hard to accept but it’s true. Sometimes it’s not meant to work.


Accept it and implement it. Don’t let them get on your head all because you love them and what to be with them. Just be awesome the way you are. Be what you are and stay one always.

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