Americas Top 10 Pizzas

Top 10 Pizzas

Pizza is a much admired and loved food tough to be ranked in categories. Below we list the 10 best pizzas, America can offer to an avid food lover. Relish your taste buds to the exquisite taste of this delicacy which in all cases listed below has been prepared by trained chefs.

1. Frank Pepe’s, New Haven

The legendary New Haven pizzeria is one of the best places to try the tastiest pizzas in America. Frank Pepe’s has been around since 1925 and has been offering Napoletana style pizzas. The pizzas here have a charcoal coloured crust and have a rich dose of garlic, oregano and grated parmesan which make it an absolute delight for any foodie.

2. Di Fara, Brooklyn

People visiting New York can always relish New York and Sicilian style pizza. The classic round or square cheese pie which comes marinated with hot peppers is a signature dish at Di Fara.

Top 10 Pizzas

3. Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix

Pizza lovers can relish thin crust pizzas and antipastos made from wood oven roasted vegetables at Pizzeria Bianco. The pie here is likely to be the best in America with red onions and pistachios been added to give it the unique taste.

4. Una Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco

The five pies of Una Pizza Napoletana for a base price of $25 are very popular in San Francisco. The Saturday pie made from eggs, buffalo mozzarella, salami, basil, garlic and black pepper is undoubtedly a treat worth relishing.

5. Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles

Nancy Silverton, the renowned baker, and chef has teamed up with Italian culinary expert Mario Batali and has come up with Pizzeria Mozza which offers a range of Italian cuisines with Neapolitan style pizza hogging the limelight. The classic cheese pizza and the unique pie with squash blossoms and burrata cheese are some of the other worth relishing cuisines at Pizzeria Mozza.

Top 10 Pizzas

6. Sally’s Apizza, New Haven Conn.

The pizza at Sally’s Apizza is thin crust and has been topped with tomato sauce, garlic, and mozz. The tomato pie at Sally’s Apizza is also unique and true to the core.

7. Motorino, New York City

You can expect a range of spirited pies including one with cherry stone calms and another with raw basil, Gaeta olives and cremini mushrooms at Motorino. Brussels sprout pie with pecorino and smoked pancetta are some other cuisines worth relishing at Motorino.

8. Al Forno, Providence, R.I

This eatery bakes the pie in wood burning ovens and grills over hardwood charcoal fire. The famed grilled pizza here is served with fresh herbs, Pomodoro, and cheese. The eatery has been famous in the region and is located in heart of Providence R.I.

Top 10 Pizzas

9. Totonno’s, Brooklyn

Totonno’s which has a rich legacy in Brooklyn is famed for its coal fired blistered edges and the spotty mozzarella which comes laced with tasty red sauce. The pizzas here are an elegant mix of ancient traditions and the influence of modern culinary trends, something guests at Totonno’s like.

10. South Brooklyn Pizza, New York City

A signature South Brooklyn Pizza slice takes up to 10 minutes but the wait is indeed worthy. The taste is neither sweet nor very crispy but the pizza is topped with a layer of thin mozzarella slices and some grated pecorino.

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