Amazingly Funny Coincidences!

Funny coincidences

Coincidences happen all the time. It just take an eye to recognise the extraordinary in the ordinary. Earlier we wished “We could show what we are witnessing to our friends” but now with technology we have the power. These people used their cameras to capture some of the amazing coincidences to be shared with other people.

Is it CzechAirlines or CzecHairLines?

Funny coincidences

Yes Of Co That’s What Baby Needs!Funny coincidences

Yes You Fit! Any Corporate Other Lies For Today?Funny coincidences

Want Some Ice-Cream?
Funny coincidences

And We Thought UN Is Involved In Peace. Oh Wait!Funny coincidences

So The Taylor Swift Magic Is Catching Up With Truck DriversFunny coincidences

And When You Run Out Of Luck!Funny coincidences

Cookie Monster Spotted!Funny coincidences

Vampires Here For Some Blood!Funny coincidences

Worst Advertising Placement!Funny coincidences

Delicate Can Learn A Bit Or Two About Ad Placement From HereFunny coincidences

This One Is Not Funny And We Hope The Second Board Does Not Answer The First One!
Funny coincidences

So Jesus Is Out There Looking For Some Kitekat, No Doubt My Prayers Are Not Being Heard!Funny coincidences

You Asked For It, So I had To Break It!Funny coincidences

Seems Like An Alien Pick Up ZoneFunny coincidences

One Hell Of A Racist Book!
Funny coincidences

To Some It All Thats “The End”Funny coincidences

Ever Captured Any Crazy Coincidence? Share It with Us!

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