A Perfect Girlfriend is a myth! Prove Him Wrong. Be a PERFECT GIRLFRIEND!

Smile and Be Cheerful Girl, Stay Happy

Smile and Be Cheerful Girl, Stay Happy

1. Cheer up!

So what if you missed your cab since you broke your phone while rushing towards the car and the coffee mug in your hand had just fallen off around. And you had to drive all the way on a Friday on the road full of traffic. A perfect girl friend would wipe off all the dust on the face at the end of the day and will drive straight to home keeping all her frustration back in office. While on the way, she will get her phone checked too so she doesn’t have to cry about the broken phone in front of her boy friend. Even if you had a bad day, you will cheer up and reach home with a smile on your face. No excuses please!

2. No Tears strictly please

No tears, no crying, girls don't cry

No Tears! … Don’t cry

Your relationship will move towards the death end if keep crying for unnecessary reasons. Trust, guys are more impatient than girls. They love pampering their girls but only to an extent that they make the moment memorable. If you will take advantage of his patience, you will have to suffer soon. Be cool, be strong. Handle things practically. Shed your rolling tears and get your awesome smile back on your face.

3. Give some space

Set Him Free for a Day

Set Him Free for a Day

Of course you love your boyfriend, no one doubts that. You love to be with him all the time. His kiss in the morning, afternoon and evening is the only thing you live for. You love when he cuddles and comforts you. Stop following him like a puppy. Let lose too. Buy your stuff on your own. After all he has a life too. He has friends, office colleagues, football team mates so if he wants to go for a movie with them or spend a beer full evening with anyone them, it’s TOTALLY NORMAL, girl.

4. No future planning

Even if you are dying to get married, let him take the call of proposing you first. Guys hate being pressurized for marriage. They do want to marry but only when they reach to their comfort zone with you. If you don’t want to lose the chance of getting married ever, don’t push him.

5. Set him free for a day

You are free, he is free, let him feel free too. Go out with your friends and let him stay free from you too. He might, would go out or would stay home to watch the football match or may be watch a movie all alone. Staying away brings your even closer. Let him celebrate his INDEPENDENCE DAY and you celebrate yours.

Stay Happy, Be Together

6. Let your EX’s go away

Are you talking about your ex? Have you gone crazy? He knows about your Ex is good and you know it too. Still do not keep talking about them. Don’t even try searching anything about his Ex too. By know about his Ex or telling about yours would never help you know him better. This is the dumbest reasons to know each one ever. Let them go away now. It’s your time, spending together and knows each other on your own. Taking facts from past never helps. Rather it might irritate him some day.

7. Apply the art of “Let It Go”

You expected him to understand what you wanted! What is it? You think can he read your mind? No, right! Stop expecting something that is totally unreasonable. He would not be able to know what you wanted. Be clear, up on the face. Tell him what you want. This might annoy you sometime too but a healthy relationship lasts forever when you learn the art of “Let it go”.

Girls have a bad habit of knocking his head all the time. Boys hate nagging girlfriends. It’s just not so cool for them at all. Pointing out on anything or everything in him is what spoils everything. If you do that, reconsider your relationship. Trying to change anything or poking would not help your relation at all. You should cherish every moment of your relationship.

Accept the way he is and be what you are.

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