A Lampshade That Brings Thunderstorm Into Your Living Room!

Thunderstorm cloud lampshade

Inter-disciplinary design studio of Richard Clarkson has this time come out with a cloud which is about to unleash. Yes, you read it right this is an interactive audiovisual lampshade that brings thunderstorm with it but, thankfully, no rain indoors. The “Cloud”  as they call it is a lamp with a speaker system which looks and sounds like a like a cloud that is about to pour. It responds to sound frequencies around it and also movements of people nearby.

cloud lamp shade thunder storm
It comes with a remote control that allows user change the modes from a distance and surprise your guests as the go near it. THe different modes include acting like a simple thunder cloud, respond to music or sounds that its microphone catches, or respond to any surrounding movements.

cloud lampshade thunder storm

Thunderstorm cloud lamp

Thunderstorm cloud lampshade

Also Checkout the video of the Cloud in action

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