Don't tell your boyfriends

Don't tell your boyfriends

Girlfriends, be cautious when you talk to your older boyfriends. You might be annoying him lately by saying these few things. Keep a check on yourself if you wish to stay with him forever.

1. “You will be an old dad”

One thing that makes guys go crazy with worries is that he won’t be able to play football or volleyball with his son. Try avoiding telling this to him. He would hate to know it.

2. “I can see your scalp a little, are you going bald?”

They won’t mind if you leave him but if their hair is affected, they will spend sleepless nights in trying to get them back. Not everyone can carry the Jason Statham look. Guys are often reluctant in keeping baldy look and so are consciously involved in maintaining their hair. For them hair loss is the worst thing that can ever happen to them.

3. Have you ever heard music from cassette tapes?

Common, he is not that old!

4. Let’s hit back home, it’s already 4 a.m.

Even if it’s 4 a.m. and you are still in the club, let them dance at every beat. You don’t need to ask questions like “Are you tired?” “Shall we rush back home, we need to be awake for the breakfast feast” “We won’t go for clubbing till late if it makes you tired”. He can make it for every special meal despite of being awake all night.

5. “Did you check my Facebook status today?

You could do that may be because you had no work whole day long but he works day night. He knows he should be active with technology but forgets it each day due to work. This might remind him so deep that from now on, he will be updating his Facebook status regularly.

6. “You have gray hair?”

One gray hair means one and not many. Why do you think one gray hair would make the head go white in a few hours? Stop screaming if you find 5-6 white hair in his head. It’s totally normal. Even with this, his hair will take years to go white.

7. “You are not old alone” We are getting older.

He knows you guys are getting older and you don’t need to give him sweet comforts like such. He knows and he knows it better.

8. Oh great, you again forgot our anniversary this year!

If he forgets then remind him. Don’t make him feel that guilty. It would go straight to his heart and he might not even express you.

9. “Do you remember? Oh leave.”

Age gap between you two is too huge for you both to manage things perfectly. You will start the conversation saying “do you remember what that cartoon that featured when we in class 7?” and he will simply be clueless about what you were talking about leaving him in hell lot confusion.



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