9 Most Annoying Statements Your Ex–Boy Friend Said and How You Reacted!

Shut up

Guys are jerk and they prove it when they say these statements below.

1. “I don’t understand why we broke up. I never wanted to”


2. “Let’s catch up some time over drinks” as in would go on bed with me despite we have broken up.

I hate you for this

3. “I want to be alone and stay single, at least for a while”


4. “I regret my mistake. I should have married you”

It's alright

5. “I have finally got dream girl. Would please tell me where you bought those hot leggings from that you used to wear on our Saturday dates? I want to gift it to her.”


6. “I still care about you” as in feel guilty that you had ended the relation while he still cares about you.

I feel like Blushing

7. “I am single again. She left me so that she can spend some time alone”. Even he had left you for the same reason.

You should deal with it

8. “You will never be able to get another one as cool as I am.”

I dont think so


9. “I am so sorry for being such a big jerk”


10. “I wish I had not broken up with you”

Shut up

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