9 Food Items You Should Eat Only When They Are Cooked

Chicken, Fried chicken

It is often said that food items should be taken in the raw form but one should have fresh food only. While it might hold true for some vegetables, it rarely holds true for other food items. Below we list some of these food items which should not be eaten raw.

9. Chicken

In between processing plant and the market, raw chicken can pick up a lot of bugs and you might end up in hospital if you eat it that way. Ensure that the chicken is cooked at a temperature of 165 degree before you consume the same. The bacteria can only be killed through cooking and there is no other way of doing same.

Chicken, Fried chicken

8. Chaya

Found and grown initially only in Yucatan, Chaya is getting popular in United States. It is much similar to spinach in taste and appearance and as the leaves contain some quantity of cyanide, it becomes essential to cook it so that the toxin effect gets neutralised.


7. Yucca

Yucca which is also known as cassava root is also known to contain some amount of cyanide. To get off this toxin from Yucca, you will have to dry, soak in water, rinse and cook the same.


6. Eggs

Tough eggs if taken are a rich source of protein; it is also true that raw eggs might also contain salmonella. It is present in one out of 30,000 eggs and therefore it would be good for you if the eggs are boiled or cooked before being consumed.


5. Seeds of Apple, Mangoes, Peach or Pear

If at all you need to consume the seeds of any of these fruits, it is necessary that you cook the same before consuming. These seeds are known to contain a chemical by the name of amygdalin which turns into cyanide.


4. Green Potatoes

Potatoes if exposed to too much sunlight turn green. It is due to presence of a chemical known by the name of Solanine which makes it toxic in turn. If green potatoes are consumed, it can cause fatigue and headache.

green potato

3. Pork

Pork if eaten raw contains bugs, trichinosis, a roundworm and some tapeworm. The parasites are transmitted into humans if pork is taken raw. Certainly, you will never want that to happen to you.


2. Red Kidney Beans

If you intend to eat some raw kidney beans, the side effects will show up in few hours. You will be vomiting and your stomach can also end up being upset. Raw beans contain a natural toxin lectin which causes this entire problem. Soak beans in water for five hours before you cook the same.

Beans, Red Kidney Beans

1. Rhubarb Leaves

The leaves of Rhubarb contain a toxin by the name of oxalic acid which can cause serious damage to your kidney and can also cause death in rare cases. Cook the Rhubarb leaves properly and avoid the leaf part, if possible.

Rhubarb Leaves

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