8 Types Of Women Men Don’t Want To Marry

Every relationship comes with its unique set of problems and issues. Men also seek certain qualities in their life partner and would certainly want to avoid certain kind of women, even though they might be the best of friends.

8. Bossy

Men certainly avoid women who are bossy by nature. They do not like to be told to do things in a certain manner. Men certainly wish to maintain a distance from bossy women.

bossy women

7. Clingy by nature

If you are clingy by nature and send messages throughout the day to the guy, he would in all certainty like to avoid you. If you want to know every detail of places he went or the people he was with, in all certainty the guy will start avoiding you.

clingy women

6. Being their Mom

Men certainly do not like women who wish to act like their mom. They already have one mother and certainly would not like you to act like her mother. Men do not wish to be in relation with such women and certainly would avoid them.


5. Crazy

Though men would like to flirt and sleep with the crazy and wild women, when it comes to marriage, they would always want a sober woman in their life. Though the man in your life will never give you an impression that they would dump you one fine day, but the truth is that men would always prefer a simple and sober woman as their life partner.

crazy women

4. Boring

Though mood swings do happen all the time, it does not mean that you could be in a boring mood all the time. Not reacting to the favours of your loved one and ignoring his wish to spend quality time with him will lead him to assume that you are boring by nature.

bored, boring girl


3. Psycho

These are the kind of women no sober man would always like to be their life partner. Such women take jealousy to a level where they can kill others in their way. A dangerous preposition though and such women are best avoided by men when it comes to spending the life together.

Psycho women, Psycho girls

2. Miserable

Such women keep cribbing all the while. It is an inherent part of their nature and they keep repenting all the while for everything that they might have done. Men certainly do not wish to marry such women as they never know of the ways things would be fixed if they went wrong.

miserable girls

1. Control Freak

Such women always tend to control every move of the man in their life. This creates social and psychological issues and no sensible man would ever get into such a confronting situation.

control freak, controlling girls, control freak


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