8 Things You Should Never Share With Your Boyfriend or Husband


Don't Say these things to your boyfriend

Certain things should be kept to girls only. You might endanger yourself if you tell him.

1. Do not let him know that you don’t like his mother even if he expresses his anger about her, in front of you.

You might be smiling inside but don’t let that expression come on your face. Do not even try to add few statements along with what he is saying. Hold your tongue, take a deep breath and tell him “It’s okay”. Despite this might be the hardest moment for you.

2. His best friend had been flirting around with you but he should never get to know about it.

When your boyfriend was still on his way back home and Eric reached before, he clearly expressed his heart out by saying that he will marry the girl who is as beautiful are you. Shh, keep it a secret and don’t tell your boy friend how, Eric had been flirting around with you.

3. Do not admit that you were cheating on your previous boyfriend.

Doesn’t matter if you met a new guy in your last job and you guys got attracted to each other. Two of you started dating each other though you were already in a relationship from past 7 years and you kind of started cheating on your previous boy friend. Your present boy friend doesn’t needs to know about such of your disloyalty. Avoid telling this to him.

4. You should never let him know that he was not good last night.

Guys are very consciously thinking about how to satisfy their girls. If you tell him that despite of trying harder he could not make you that happy last night, he will undergo the ugliest feeling. May be you should not say much about this matter.

5. Never tell him that he is a looser at work.

You always give him an ear to express whatever he wants to right after he reaches back home in a frustrated state of mind because he had a big argument with this boss. Though you are on his side, you might get the feeling that he was wrong today. Try not to tell him what you felt this time.

6. Don’t say you want to break up at the end of your fights.

Girls are in the habit of saying “I want to break up with you” at the end of every fight. And he is used to hearing this statement because it’s not the first time you said it. He knows you say this just to feel bad but he would be ignorant and would rather get irritated if you keep repeating it.

7. If your best friend is planning to get a divorce, your boyfriend should not get to know about this.

In case your best friend is not going through a happy relationship and plans to end it, you should not tell this to your boyfriend or husband. He would be thinking that may be your friend is trying to influence you in some way. He would rather ask you to stay out of her personal matter. Avoid getting into any such situations.

8. You make more money than your boyfriend and it bothers you, please never ever express it in front of him.

Try to motivate him in different ways if it bothers you that you make more than him. Telling him straight on face would not be a good thing, though you guys share everything with each others. Still if you tell him, he might not take everything in a positive. Chances are high, you might be affecting his ego as he is trying harder to do best in every way and still if things are not falling in place, and it’s not his fault totally.

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