8 Things Men Value More That You Saying “I Love You”

It is true that love has a major place in our lives. However, there are things which matter more than love in any relation. Your boyfriend or husband too will feel obliged if you practice the below listed thoughts to keep them in good spirits.


8. Undivided attention

Apart from the phrase of ‘I Love You’, your boyfriend or husband would like to have undivided attention from you. Spend some time with them daily and try to give due attention to their needs.

7. Cook his favorite meal

He must be eating without complaint all the days of week. It will be a good idea to cook his favorite meal once in a while and let him enjoy the dish. He will surely complement you for this.

6. Wearing his favorite dress

He must be admiring you for your looks. It will be a great idea to dress up in a dress which he admires the most. It will also add a new perspective to your personality too.

5. Take care of yourself

Though your husband or boyfriend might not point out repeatedly but he would always want you to take good care of yourself.

4. Complement him

Whatever profession your husband or boyfriend might be in, he does make an effort to put in his best efforts. It would be a great service to yourself too if you develop the habit of complementing him for all the good things he might have done or is doing on a daily basis in his career. Keep a track of his professional development and complement him, once in a while. He will definitely like it.

3. Encourage him to take time out for himself

He must be busy completing his professional obligations and would have little time for small things in life which otherwise form a vital part of personality development. It is your duty therefore to remind him to take some time out for himself. Plan some surprise for him, once in a while and he is sure to love it.

2. Ask for his advice

You might be a working woman and might be financially independent. It is therefore a natural tendency to take decisions independently. The guy in your life will however feel happy if you take his advice on certain matters which are important to you. An advice from a learned person will only help you in the long run.

1. Thanking him for small things

Learn to thank him for all the small things he does for you, all the while. This will not only make him happy but will keep you in good spirits too.

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