8 Reasons Why Your Hair Gets Greasy Very Soon

Many of us end up washing our hair more often everyday as these feel greasy often. Before you start working on the ways to find a cure for the same, it is better to dwell on the reason as to why these get greasy in the first place.

8. Touching the hair often

If you touch the hair very frequently of end up fiddling with them often, it is bound to make them greasy. The oil from your fingertips gets transferred to the hair strand making them greasy.

touching hair

7. Washing the hair too often

You must be washing off the hair to cleanse them but washing them too often can indeed make them turn greasy. If you shampoo hair on daily basis, it can strip them of their natural oils.

6. Over conditioning

Never over condition your hair. This will be more harmful than of help for the goodness of your hair. Avoid washing the hair evenly with conditioner and instead try that it is applied to the ends so that roots do not get oiled much often.

greasy hair, reasons behind greasy hair

5. Too much brushing

If you end up brushing your hair too much, this can instead stimulate oil production. This can soon turn into a greasy situation for your hair.

4. Using a dirty hairbrush

A dirty hairbrush can also cause much problem to your hair making it look dirty and greasy. Always use a clean hairbrush; else you might invite more trouble than good.

3. Hairbrush has lot of hair

If the hairbrush has lot of hair chances are bright that greasy stuff from old hair can get transferred to your hair making them dirty and clogged. It is always advised to use a clean hair brush as it is always unhygienic to use an old and dirty hairbrush.

2. Using the wrong products

Using styling products that are not suitable for your hair can also cause much trouble to your hair. Always choose hair products that are compatible with your hair so that you do not end up messing up your hair.

greasy hair

1. Not using natural products

Depending too much on artificial products can also create much problem for your hair. Never depend upon shampoo and conditioner too much. Instead, you can always opt for natural products as egg yolk and curd to cleanse the hair of dirt and filth.

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