8 Most Psychotic Serial Killers Ever!


The history of crime is full of numerous instances when a killer has turned into a brutal person who continues with killing people ruthlessly, more for pleasure than for money. It is these killers who eventually become psychotic serial killers and spell fear among common people.
Below are listed 8 of these psychotic serial killers that history has ever known.

1. Jaffrey DahmerMost Feared Serial Killers - Jaffrey Dahmer

Jaffrey Dahmer is considered to be the most psychotic serial killers as he killed over 17 boys and men in thirteen years. He not only horrifically killed his victims but also raped them. He drilled holes in heads and skulls of his victims and killed them ruthlessly.

2. Ted BundyMost-Feared-Serial-Killers-Ted-Bundy

A charismatic and friendly person in appearance, Ted Bundy was a ruthless killer as he killed around 30 young women in United States. He also raped many of his victims and kept their severed heads with him. He was arrested in 1979 and was finally executed through electric chair in 1989.

3. Gary RidgwayMost Feared Serial Killers - Gary Ridgway

Gary Ridgway strangled and killed 71 women in a span of 10 years. He was nicknamed “Green River Killer” for the fact that first of his five victims were found in Green River. His victims were prostitutes whom he killed after engaging them. He was finally caught in 2001.

4. Ed GeinMost Feared Serial Killers - Ed Gein

Ed Gein confessed to only two murders but the horrific manner he dealt with his victims inspired the Hollywood movie “Psycho”. As his brother and mother died, Ed started visiting cemeteries and dug up graves of women who resembled his mother. The body parts of these women were found scattered around later. He made bowls out of their skulls and belt of their nipples.
Ed was finally arrested and spent his days in mental hospital.

5. Henry Lee LucasMost Feared Serial Killers - Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee killed 350 people in a span of 20 years though by his own admission he killed 600 people. He spent ten years in prison as he had killed his mother. He was released later and became friends with Ottis Toole.
The surprising fact is that he motivated Toole to become a killer and was his accomplice in 108 murders. Henry eventually died in prison in 2001 due to natural reasons.

6. Aileen WuornosMost Feared Serial Killers - Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos is one of the few woman serial killers. She had a disturbed childhood and became pregnant at age of 15 owing to relation with her brother. She became a prostitute and killed seven men and claimed that these men got violent with her during the sexual encounter.
She was arrested and executed through a lethal injection eventually.

7. Richard Trenton ChaseMost Feared Serial Killers - Richard Trenton Chase

Richard Trenton was a horrific killer for the fact that he murdered six people in one month and after raping the bodies, he blended the bodies with soft drink and made milk shake out of it.
He was sentenced to death by gas chamber in 1979 but committed suicide before the execution was to be done.

8. Andrei ChikatiloMost Feared Serial Killers - Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo killed over 52 women and children in a span of 12 years in Soviet Union. He was eventually caught in 1990 and confessed to killing 36 people over the years.

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