8 Ideal Activities For Guys to Enjoy With Their Father!

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Men are not in the habit of sitting face to face to talk. When it comes to father-son, situation is worse as their bonding is not that easy. They hardly prefer talking to each other and even when they talk, topics restrict to being way to basic like did you have your food? Mom will be late etc. It’s not mandatory to have a good bond but guys should be spending some time at least with their fathers whenever they can. Here are few activities that you can try to build a bond with your father, this Father’s Day!

1. Playing Xbox whole day long

Father son playing X-Box together, favorite time pass, favorite pass time

Spend your day playing X-box together. Surely, this will interest you both as X-box is one of the favorite activities for most men.

2. Camping, short weekend getaway

Father son camping together

Short weekend getaway would be fun if you both can manage. Camping in a good, serene location that’s few kilometers away, would be great idea to experiment.

3. Watching match together

watching match together

Surely, there might be at least one sport that you both must be in the habit of watching. Switch on your T.V and select that one, sit back and enjoy the match with bowl of popcorn.

4. Bicycling will be a good exercise for both of you

cycling. father son cycling together, boys cycling

You might not have tried cycling recently but this surely would a great activity to spend time together, benefiting your health as well.

5. Cooking/Experiment a new dish

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Let your mom relax and be away from the kitchen as the men take charge on cooking the meal. Don’t hesitate on experimenting new dish. If things go wrong, you always order a pizza in quickly.

6. Managing some household stuff for a change

managing clothes. father son managing household world, washing clothes, father son washing clothes

It’s not necessary to leave the sack of clothes on the bed every time you leave. Try cleaning the room once at least.

7. Trekking could be interesting

father son trekking, trekking, father son on a trek

In case, you both have the stamina of riding up high, trekking is a great idea, any day. You would love spending time on a trek. Within the green trees and mountains, emotions come out on their own.

8. Having beer with your dad is always fun

having beer, having beer together, father and son having beer together, father son having fun, father son partying together

No words to say, having beer together would be just fun!


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