8 Healthy Reasons To Eat Popcorn

Ever thought that eating popcorn could prove a boon for your health? Well, it is true indeed and below listed facts will make you believe so.

8. Popcorn is packed with protein

You will be surprised to know that popcorn is a rich source of protein. In fact, they have more protein than eggs and spinach.
should we eat popcorn

7. A great weight loss snack

Popcorn could prove to be a great weight loss snack too. It is low in calories, is sugar and fat free. One cup of popcorn has only 31 calories which is in fact great filler.

6. Healthy whole grain

Popcorn is a great source of dietary fiber. One cup of popcorn have 1.3 gram of fiber. Since they are mostly made of fibers, body finds it easier to absorb popcorn as compared to other foods.

5. You will never have enough of it

Even if you do not like popcorn, it is true that you will always like to munch some of these. In fact, popcorn is a versatile snack and you can eat it in various ways. Plain, spiced or sweetened, you will always like it.Reasons to eat popcorn

4. May help you relive constipation

Since popcorn is whole grain, the fibers in it helps keep the digestive track in shape and thus helps prevent constipation. The daily fiber intake increases by 22 percent if you eat popcorn on a regular basis.

3. Gluten free

Popcorn is always gluten free. Since it has been finely ground, these can be used in place of breadcrumbs as a coating on fish or chicken. You can also use it in form of seasoning on your salad, if you wish so.are popcorn healthy

2. Diabetic friendly

Studies have shown that people who suffer from diabetes can get some relief from their medical condition, if they take popcorn on a regular basis. It also has more iron than spinach which makes it a health rich option.

1. May help fight cancer

Yes, you heard it right. Popcorn might help you fight cancer also. It has the ability to block enzymes which cancer cells need to grow. It has a high concentration of polyphenols which make it a good fighting agent against cancer.

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