8 Effective Ways To Shed Off Belly Fat

Wish to shed off those extra kilos from your belly? Below we list some effective ways which will help you shed the extra weight and feel light.


1. The Routine

Begin the day by preparing a healthy meal for yourself. This can be done by taking 20 minutes out for a cardio exercise. Additionally, you can also do some muscle building exercises thrice a week. Do not forget to do some abdominal exercise too.

2. Care About Other Body Parts

You can also start paying attention to other body parts so that others do not always talk about your belly fat. If your legs are trim, you can think about wearing slim pants to work.

3. Consider Doing Laughter Yoga

If you wish to strengthen your abs, laughter is the best remedy. Your abs will be strengthened if you practice laughter yoga on a regular basis.

4. Follow an Ideal Menu

You can consider having a slice of whole wheat bread for breakfast followed by spinach salad and sliced avocado for lunch. If you feel like having snacks, take two tablespoons of sunflower seeds with some yogurt. Take some roasted sweet potato for dinner along with some grilled salmon.

5. Chew Food Properly

Chew the food properly, every time you consider eating something. Do not swallow food as this will increase your urge for having more food. Digestion of food begins from the mouth and if you chew it properly, you will be taking the first step towards shedding off your belly fat.

6. Reduce Intake of Sugar

Cut down on the intake of sugar. If you control the urge of having more sugary diet, you will be taking a firm step towards reducing belly fat. You can also keep your insulin level low if you are able to reduce your sugar intake.

7. Take Meals in a Controlled Manner

The diet should be such that it is rich in fats and whole grain. You can also think about adding some barley, oats and brown rice to your daily diet. Ideally, include some avocados and nuts in the food you consume.

8. Exercise a Lot

You should lie flat on your back and place you’re both arms on your head. Ensure that the legs are straight while you exercise. Take a ball and hold it in such a manner that it is above your head with hands risen up. You can move this ball towards your chest and lift the legs in such a manner so that your ankles meet the point where the ball lies. The ball is now to be brought to the ground with your legs. This exercise can be repeated around 10 times a day.

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