8 Biggest Mistakes You Often Make During Your Job Interviews

Before you head for your next interview, reading through the tips listed is likely to help you get the job. The competition is fierce and you would not want to end up on the losing side. Avoid the listed mistakes and get the job of your liking.

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8. Being arrogant or rude

You might be knowing much about the company or profile of your job. However, do not let arrogance take over you. Laughing too much or interrupting the person talking to you is often taken as a disrespectful behavior and you might lose a good opportunity.

7. Not asking questions

Though your giving prompt replies is taken as a positive step, not asking questions too is considered to be bad enough. You would be perceived as a slow go getter and in case someone turns out to be faster than you, it could cost you the job.

6. Giving replies out of text book

Your innovation is also tested in any interview. In case you stick to standard text book responses, it is perceived as a negative point and should be avoided at all costs.

5. Criticizing your potential employer company

To get ahead in the race people often start finding fault with any particular section of the company. You never know if you start finding faults with the marketing section and head of marketing is sitting in the interview panel.

4. Criticizing your previous employer

People also tend to criticize their previous employer to show their loyalty towards the company in which they are appearing for the interview. However, unknown to them, this is a strong negative attribute and the upcoming job could be in danger.

3. Being unprepared

Sometimes when a person is appearing for lot of interviews, he or she might ignore preparing for the interview. From the potential employer’s side this is a negative sign since they always prefer people who read about the job profile before appearing for the interview.

2. Not wearing appropriate dress

If you turn up in jeans for the interview don’t expect your employer to be impressed with your skills. Wearing suitable dress for the interview is as important as is being equipped with suitable professional skills.

1. Reaching the venue late

If you end up reaching late for the interview, expect your employer to develop a pre conceived notion that you will always turn up late for the job. This is a serious flaw that should be avoided at every cost, if you are serious about getting the job.

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