7 Unusual Museums You Must Visit

unusual museums you should visit - Tarascon Castle (France)

If you are a history buff, the world has a lot for you to explore. There are numerous unusual museums which will showcase a new aspect of unheard facts. Below we list some of these museums which should be on your wish list.

7. Globe and Esperanto Museum (Austria)
unusual museums you should visit - Globe and Esperanto Museum (Austria)

Constructed in 19th century, the Globe museum in Vienna in Austria is the only one which is devoted to globes. The museum is home to over 650 globes. You will experience the world in a fresh perspective, once you have been to Globe and Esperanto museum.

6. Tarascon Castle (France)unusual museums you should visit - Tarascon Castle (France)

Another among unusual museums is Tarascon Castle which is situated in small town of Tarascon in Southern France. You can see for yourself as to how life was during the early days in France when fortresses were home to people in the region.

5. Art Gallery, Alberta (Canada)unusual museums you should visit - Art Gallery, Alberta (Canada)

This art gallery is situated in downtown Edmonton and showcases a different version of landscape found in Rocky mountain region in Edmonton Canada.

4. Old Ghan Heritage Railway Museum (Australia)unusual museums you should visit - Old Ghan Heritage Railway Museum (Australia)

The town of Alice Spring in Australia is an unusually quiet place. The Ghan museum is located in old station of Ghan and shows the evolution of railways in this part of Australia. If you have a liking for trains, a visit to this heritage railway museum is highly recommended.

3. Pig Museum (Germany)unusual museums you should visit - Pig Museum (Germany)

This is world’s largest pig museum and is considered a unique place among unusual museums in the world. It exhibits 50,000 pieces of different sized pig replicas which have been placed in 25 rooms. A unique place to be at, if you are a pig fan!

2. Machu Picchu Museum (Peru)unusual museums you should visit - Machu Picchu Museum (Peru)

If you are visiting the historic town of Machu Picchu, nothing better than to visit the Machu Picchu Museum which will let you see a unique aspect of this ancient town. Replica of way life existed in ancient times can also be seen at this museum.

1. National Building Museum (Washington D.C)unusual museums you should visit - National Building Museum (Washington D.C)

This museum was created by an act of Congress in 1980 and offers a rich glimpse into architecture, interior design and urban planning in United States. You will experience a new perspective of life in National Building Museum, once you decide to visit it.

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