7 Traits Common Among Most Nail Biters

Whenever we see any person biting the nails, the first reaction that comes to mind is the nervousness or anxiety of that person. However, you will be surprised to know that biting nails has much more in common than nervousness or anxiety.

1. Nail biters are perfectionists

Contrary to the fact that nail biters might be nervous or anxious, research has proved that nail biters are perfectionists. A study published in March 2015 issue of Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry points that such people do not feel satisfied until a task is completed to perfection and their satisfaction.

2. They overwork often

Nail biters are perfectionists therefore you will find almost all of such people working overtime. They do not like to rest and can be found at their work stations most of the time. Do not be surprised if you find such people working on holidays also.

3. Prone to frustration and dissatisfaction

Nail biters are prone to frustration and dissatisfaction since they put in too much effort to make their work presentable. It might happen that they do not get suitable results for the efforts put in, and therefore feel dissatisfied and are prone to frustration.traits among nail biters

4. They feel restless if not given work

You will see that nail biters get restless when not given work. Restlessness is a key trait of such people and they feel the pinch if they remain free for most of the time.

5. They do not talk much

You could in fact mistake nail biters for being shy by nature. This is not the case, but it is true that such people do not talk much. They remain engrossed in their work and when free can be seen nibbling their nails.

6. They have a limited friend circle

Like most of us, nail biters do have friends but they have a limited friend circle, for sure. Most of their friends are sincere and studious like these nail biters and remain confined to their friend circle only.

7. They are close to their immediate family

Nail biters are very passionate about their relationships. They are very close to their immediate family in general or anyone person in their family, in particular. They love to share their secrets and ambitions with their family members and no one else.

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