7 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl!

While we always say that you should always be true to the one and pour out your heart in front of them but here is list of a few things which, if spoken, might just ruin the relationship.

1. Am In love With You- Let’s Date.

If you start liking someone, you cannot just bluntly blurt it out. We suggest you should be true to girls but this is the one time we will suggest you the opposite. You need to give time to the other person to know you and should take some time to judge if it is just physical attraction or something more before you ask someone to date you. If it is a good friend, even in that case you need to build chemistry first unless you are willing to start a one-sided relationship. Let the bond grow, and when your inner self says the time is right ask her out and it’ll be perfect.

2. You Talk To Many Guys.

As a guy, it is a little tough to accept at times that your girl is talking to someone other guys. Once in a while is okay but if she talks to a couple of guys regularly and that makes you feel insecure it seems legitimate to tell her not to talk to those guys, Right? Wrong! Does she stop you from talking to your friends (not counting the girls you were in relation with but other friends you have). Stopping her from talking to that annoying person who clearly is trying to woo your girl is a different matter but to tell your girlfriend that she talks to too many guys is just not fair. In most cases this is a onetime thing, you point it out once and the comfort level in your relationship may never be the same. It shows you are low on confident and insecure about your relationship and she might think of you as “bounding”. She might start hiding little things from you in order to avoid quarrels, the things might be very small but nobody likes meaningless arguments. Trust and Space are the two most important things in a relationship, most of the relations end with lack of Trust and Space. Don’t be insecure.

3. Let’s Chat Later.

You might be genuinely busy or someone might have entered your room and you cannot avoid them, its okay you can stop talking. But if you suddenly end a conversation, she might feel something’s wrong. Never, ever, end a conversation in middle saying “talk to you later” sudenly. A female mind is a very powerful and dangerous thing, if you leave her in the middle it will build a million questions ranging from “Is he cheating on me?”, “Why is he ignoring me?”, “Did I say something to spoil his mood” and “Will our relation work if he stays like this?” All human beings need a proper justification of being left in the middle, and the fairer sex needs it a bit more. Give her a reason, the true reason, and let her know you will call back, that’s all what she needs


4. How Many Guys…

Of course you want to know everything about the girl you are starting a relation with but still you can’t ask this questions when you guys have just started dating. If in the early days of your relation you went on to ask the question “How many guys have you slept with?” not only does it look bad but it also makes you look insecure and points to trust issues. If you genuinely love her, it should not matter how many guys she has dated, you will have to take her word for that. Though you can ask this question later when you have a strong bond and are in a spot in your relationship where these things do not matter anymore. A lot of people might say or pretend that these things do not matter to them, but when such things come in front all of a sudden, it affects everybody at least in the back of their head.

5. Do You Like Me…?

Do not be too desperate. If you have just started dating a girl do not all of a sudden bring up this question. Of course she likes you that is why she is on a date with you, but if she likes you enough to be in a relationship with you that is not something she will be able to decided on your second date. It will just make you sound like a desperate person who can’t give her enough time to decide. Be patient, give her time; she will let you know when she thinks her feelings are increasing. This question might not let the feelings to increase..

6. Give Me Your Phone.

This has been the reason of more break ups than an Ex trying to screw your relationship. If you see her constantly texting while she is with you a natural question arises “Whom are you talking to?” While it is okay to ask this question, but it is a strict no-no to go one step ahead and ask for her phone to check who and what she talking. This one is a very simple deal, get her phone and lose her. In most cases she will tell you honestly who she was talking to, if she does not you might have made one of the above mistakes to make her lie. Once the bond is built she won’t lie if you do not give her a reason.

7. I Need Your Passwords.

Insecurities are like poison, not only to the relationship but also to the respect she has for you. If you’re dating someone. This question is not valid ever, unless you need something important that is saved in her drafts. This question is enough to create a gap between you two that might never go away. If it’s a new relationship you cannot ask this for obvious reasons, but even if you have been married for 10 years this question has the word “doubt” written all over it.

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