7 Things You Can Do Only In London

Traffic Light Tree

With London being one of the most visited cities in the world, there is certainly something unique about this city. Below are listed some of the interesting and unique things which can only be done in London.

7. You can see whole of London in miniatureMiniature London

A great idea to explore London will be to see the whole city in a miniature model. This is definitely possible and you can see a 3 dimension model of the city at London Architecture’s office near Google street office. This is a great idea to explore before you set to see the city for real.

6. Get yourself a stylish umbrellaJames Smith and Sons on Oxford Street

If you have a liking for collecting unique umbrellas James Smith and Sons on Oxford Street is a must visit. The store has been around since 1830 and has sold umbrellas to many celebrities including two Prime Ministers also.

5. Visit the Traffic Light TreeTraffic Light Tree

One of the most interesting sculptures in London is the traffic light tree. It has been created by Pierre Vivant, a French sculptor. The traffic light tree is eight meter tall and contains 75 operational lights. The traffic light stands next to Billingsgate fish market and is a famous tourist spot also.

4. Visit to tropical garden in Barbicantropical garden in Barbican

An interesting place in the making, Barbican is a unique place. This residential estate build in 1960s has a school, museum and a conference facility which is third largest in Europe. Visit this place for the second biggest conservatory in London which is home to range of plant species, exotic fish and birds.

3. Visit the Cabman’s SheltersCabman’s Shelters

When in central London, you might come across shuttered green sheds on the main road or in a park. These cabman’s shelters were a pit stop for taxi drivers in 19th century. Thirteen of these still survive including one in Russell Square.
Wish to enjoy a hot sandwich, nothing better than having the same at cabman’s shelters. Let the drivers eat first, if you come across some at cabman’s shelter.

2. Visit the Skateboard GraveyardSkateboard Graveyard

Skateboard Graveyard on the southern support pier of Hungerford Bridge would be an interesting place to visit if you are a skating enthusiast. Some crazy people even started a website to pay obituaries for the deceased skateboards.

1. Visit the smallest Cathedral in Londonsmallest Cathedral in London Vauxhall Bridge

If you do not wish to pay the hefty entrance fee to St. Paul’s you can always head to Vauxhall Bridge where a small replica of famous cathedral is hidden. This bronze sculpture is surrounded by eight female statues which are placed on the edges of the bridge.

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