7 Things That Your Girl Wants in Bed But Might Not Tell You

Give compliments to your girlfriend

If you really wish to stay with her for long, you have to be cautious about few things. Girls are talkative yet there are many things they would never utter in front of your in their entire life. Below are few things you must know about them:

1. It’s about her now

Gone are the days when men had a leverage to expect, expect and keep expecting things out of women. It’s her turn now. You have to get down on your knees to get her. She might be expecting more that what you had thought. You have to take the charge and make her feel special. It’s all about her now.

It's All about her

2. Just listen to everything she says

What you feel…why do you even have to tell her? Her words should be your command. That is the only way to a woman’s heart. Be it hard or any way, you have to listen to what she says. A good listener can be a good lover.

Just listen to her

3. Try new things for her

Work and work-out are the only things they love as a routine. Rest they like spontaneous actions done in different ways to make them feel special. Don’t be repetitive and boring. Surprise her with your different ways and ideas.

Surprise her, make her feel special

4. Experiment

Grabbing the same pizza or going to the same bar again and again will irritate her. Try and experiment new things like going to a different restaurant every time, getting a bunch of balloons on any random day, may be decorating her room to surprise her or a new style of kissing. Experimenting can be of good help.

Experiment new things with her

5. Dirty talks

Of course you are a gentleman but dirty talks should be your command on the bed. Try and see how much more she will fell in love with you!

Guy talking dirty, talk dirty

6. Keep giving compliments

Little bit of compliments while making out with her would act as cherry on top. Giving compliments is the trick. Girls are crazy for compliments. If you know what it means.

Give compliments to your girlfriend


7. Be prepared before kissing

Before you plan to start it, be prepared both ways, outside and inside.

Be prepared before kissing her


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