7 Superb Undercover Operations Happened Around The World So Far

Intelligence agencies throughout the globe keep on carrying out undercover operations to secure its boundaries. While some of these end as failure, many record their name in history to become special and unique. Below are listed 10 of these superb undercover operations that ever happened around the world.

7. Operation Paperclip

As the Nazis were defeated in World War II, U.S, U.K and Russia tried to capture the Nazi intelligence officers and scientists. U.S named their operation paperclip and were able to get hold of Wenher Von Braun who helped them develop rockets for space exploration.

Operation paperclip, paperclip

6. Operation Mkultra

CIA did this operation to brainwash some of its captives. They gave LSD and other such drugs to their captives. In one such case, a prisoner was given LSD for 77 days. The captives were also put in drug induced coma so as to brainwash them.

Operation Mkultra

5. Operation Anthropoid

This was an operation to kill Nazi Reinghard who tried to kill him for his role in killing millions of Jews. Two German soldiers named as Josef and Jan were part of the operation.

One day when Reinghard was passing through Prague, Josef suddenly came before the car and fired at Reinghard. However, his gun jammed and Reinghard instead stood to shoot Josef. Jan in the meantime threw a grenade at the car and Reinghard eventually died. Josef and Jan escaped from the spot and the covert operation was a success.

Operation Anthropoid

4. Operation Wrath of God

Terrorist group Black September kidnapped and murdered 11 Israeli athletes during Munich Olympics of 1972. Israel decided to take revenge for the same and its undercover unit killed those responsible for the attack throughout Europe.

Operation Wrath of God

3. Operation Entebbe

Israeli defense forces carried this operation at Entebbe Airport in Uganda when an Air France plane was kidnapped while on the way from Athens to Paris. The raid took place on the night of 4th July, 1976 and 100 elite commandos stormed the plane in Uganda taking kidnappers by surprise.20 Ugandan soldiers were also killed during this operation.

Operation Entebbe

2. Operation Neptune Spear

One of the most covert undercover operation of the times, the killing of Osama Bin Laden by America in Pakistan took the world by surprise. The US not only was able to keep Pakistan in the dark but also took along the body of Osama Bin Laden which was later buried in the sea.

Operation Neptune Spear

1. Underground Nuclear Ice City

United States had an underground nuclear city by the name of Camp Century in North Pole. Though it was primarily developed for research purpose and had space for 200 people, it was taken over by US military soon who used it for nuclear research.

However, to maintain this ice city, the country needed removal of 120 tons of ice every month, the uselessness of this project over weighed its advantages and it collapsed soon after.

Underground Nuclear Ice City


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