7 Subtle Yet Effective Ways To Punish Your Partner When They Don’t Treat You Well

In any relationship it does happen at times that your partner starts behaving in an abnormal manner, often ignoring you or doing things which are not desirable. In such a scenario, the need of the hour is to punish them in a subtle manner rather than behaving in an aggressive manner and spoiling things further.


7.Mention about others you find attractive

If your partner is not paying attention towards you, one thing you can do is to talk about other people you find attractive. Howsoever, annoyed your partner would be with you, they will start listening to you and pay attention to what you say since he or she cannot withstand you praising someone else.

6. Stop laughing at their jokes

To show that you too can get disturbed at their annoying behavior, you can stop laughing at their jokes. After a while your partner will realize that things have gone out of hand and he or she will take remedial action to ensure that things get back to their normal self.

5. Criticize them for their action and behavior

If your partner is not treating you well, you too can criticize them in a subtle manner. Your partner is likely to realize his or her folly and will start respecting you and will start behaving in a normal way as he or she will realize that not behaving in a proper manner only degrades their personality.

4. Talk with their friend more often

If you have been avoiding any special friend of your partner so far, start talking to them and your partner will mend his or her ways sooner than you can think of. Your partner will not be able to digest your closeness with any of their special friend and is likely to get back to their normal self.

3.Cancel plans that your partner makes

If nothing works effectively, you can try cancelling the plans that your partner might have made for you. This could vary from not going to the movie show to cancelling a dinner date at the last moment. Your partner will surely realize that his or her behavior is disturbing you and will mend their ways.

2. Tell jokes that hurt

You might not like to try this but if things are going out of hand, you can share jokes with your partner that hurt them. If your partner is too choosy about his or her dressing sense and praises some particular dress that they might be wearing, you can tell him or her that the dress does not suit them at all. A noble way of seeking revenge and it will work definitely.

1. Get busy with your friends

You might have to ignore your partner for a while if they are bent upon disturbing peace in your life. Get busy with your other friends and your partner will soon realize that ignoring you is not the correct thing to do.

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