7 Stupid Things You Do Daily To Ruin Your Life

tv, watching television, watching tv

It is often said that one learns by mistakes. However, many of us do some stupid things daily which can easily ruin our lives in the long run.

7. Sleeping too much

We all know that sleeping for long hours is not good for our health and otherwise too. Yet, many of us do not give over this instinct and sleep for longer hours. This not only has an adverse effect on the body and causes laziness but also hinders our academic progress in the long run.

sleeping too much

6. Not doing exercise

Exercise is vital for keeping a tab on our body weight. Yet, many of us despite knowing the ill consequences of being lazy do not prefer to exercise on any given day. This is sure to cause physical ailments and we have to visit Doctor for something which could have been cured by leading a healthy lifestyle.

5. Eating at irregular hours

Most of us have the habit of eating at irregular hours. We all know the consequences of encouraging this habit, yet we take no steps to check it. If we continue with this habit on daily basis, it is sure that dietary problems will occur in the long run. Yet, we learn no lessons and this habit continues unabated.

eating, eating at irregular intervals

4. We speak a lot of lie

Weather it is intentional or unintentional, many among us speak lie on daily basis. We might be able to sort our problems in the short run by encouraging this habit but the long term consequences are for everyone to face. This habit not only dent’s a person’s reputation but is likely to cause embarrassment to that person later.

3. We run away from responsibilities

Some people know well that they have been assigned a particular responsibility. Yet, they do not realize the importance of the same and keep committing similar mistake on daily basis. This is not a good sign and is likely to have a detrimental effect on personal and professional life.

2. We watch too much Television

Knowingly or unknowingly, we waste a lot of time watching television on daily basis. This time could have been spent in some creative work otherwise which would have benefited in the long run.

tv, watching television, watching tv

1. Facebook addiction 

Youngsters in particular spend too much time on social networking sites on daily basis. This is a stupid thing to do as the time they waste today is likely to cause hardships in their career progress eventually.

fb, facebook, facebooking, using facebook, facebook addiction

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