7 Simple Lessons From The Bible You Need To Know About Life.

Learnings for life - bible

Bible is a worthy holy book that we need to study and follow for a better life. Besides offering various insights into distinct aspects of humanity, Bible also talks about the ways, life can be made better.Learnings from Bible

Below we list 7 simple lessons that Bible teaches us for a happy living.

1. Doing the Right Thing

Bible always inspires people to follow the right path. A major theme of Bible centres around the idea that God’s sayings are always to be obeyed. “Letter of the law” is taught in the Old Testament and it is expected to obey the commands, God gives. The life of Joseph has been highlighted in the Old Testament and it is shown that how he reaps the benefits of doing the right thing by obeying the God’s command.

2. Submitting to Authority
Learnings for life - bible

It has been told in Romans 13:1-6 that a person needs to submit to authority. Peter also in his Acts 5:29 also tell that it is always right to obey God and one should follow the God’s path when in conflict.

3. Loving Others

A definition of love has also been shared by Romans 13 in Bible. According to this definition, love is doing what seems right towards others. It further highlights that love does not seem to be convenient or easy every time but it is always right.

4. Be Humble

According to Second Chronicles 7:14, if we are humble before God, he will hear our prayers and will forgive any of the sins that we might have committed. In case, we are not humble and offend the God, the sins will carry along and we will have to bear the consequences.

5. Be Wise With Moneybible testament learnings

The book of Proverbs has many instances in which quotes related to money come up. Bible always guides one to be judicious while using the money and avoid any lust while earning money. The need of being wise in money matters has been highlighted in Bible and numerous instances of the same have been quoted by Timothy in 6:10 and verse 17 by Paul where the judicious use of same has been advocated.

6. Sowing and Reaping

Old Testament highlights about numerous instances in which it has been told that the sins we commit are caught up and we have to pay for the same. The same has been highlighted in Numbers 32:23 in the Old Testament while a similar comment has been made in New Testament in Galatians 6-9 and Corinthians 9:6-8.

7. Managing the Conflicts

Bible teachers us to lead a peaceful life and resolve all conflicts. This has been highlighted in (Romans 12:18, 19). A classic case of conflict resolution has been highlighted by Matthew 18 in the passage. Various means of conflict management have been cited here and amicable resolution of conflicts has been agreed upon.

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