7 Simple Home Remedies To Heal Chapped Lips!

Home remedies for chapped lips

Chapped lips are a common problem that can occur among people of all age. This can occur due to vitamin deficiency, allergic reaction in the lips and extreme exposure to the sun. Below are listed some of the simple home remedies that you can try to get rid of the chapped lips.

1. Rose Water and HoneyHome remedies for chapped lips - Rose Water and Honey

Rose water and honey when used for healing chapped lips acts as a moisturizer and heal the chapped lips effectively. For preparing the mixture of the same, you need to mix a teaspoon of rose water and a teaspoon of honey in a bowl. The mixture is to be applied on the lips and left for around 15 minutes. Thereafter, you can wash away the solution and water and pat it dry. This exercise is to be repeated until the lips get their normal feel.

2. Jojoba OilHome remedies for chapped lips - Jojoba Oil

This oil helps in moisturizing the lips by nurturing the cells. You can get immediate relief from chapped lips by using Jojoba Oil. You will only need to apply few drops of Jojoba oil and leave the same on the affected area for 15 minutes.

3. Green Tea BagHome remedies for chapped lips - Green Tea Bags

This is considered to be one of the best home remedies for healing the chapped lips. You can effectively moisturize the dry lips by using green tea bags. You will need to take a green tea bag and press it against the lips for 4 minutes. Doing it on daily basis will help the moisture content rise in your lips and the chapped lips will be healed.

4. Lemon JuiceHome remedies for chapped lips - Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is an effective remedy for stopping the aging of skin. For using the same effectively, you will need to mix a teaspoon of milk with 3 drops of lemon juice in a bowl. The bowl is to be put in a refrigerator for an hour, before the same is taken out. The mixture is to be put on the lips before you sleep. Use the same for 3 days for effective and better results.

5. Milk CreamHome remedies for chapped lips - Milk Cream

Milk cream has a high percentage of fat and can help moisturize the lips effectively. For using this remedy, you will need to put some fresh milk cream on your lips. The same is to be left for 10-15 minutes. Thereafter, you will have to dip a cotton ball into lukewarm water and wash the lips gently. If repeated on a daily basis, you are likely to get relief from chapped lips.

6. Aloe VeraHome remedies for chapped lips - Aloe Vera

Owing to its anti inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera is another effective healer for chapped lips. You will need to take a fresh aloe leaf and squeeze the gel out of the same. This gel is to be applied on the chapped lips. Leave the gel until it dries out and wash it thereafter. The process is to be repeated until you get relief from chapped lips.

7. CucumberHome remedies for chapped lips - Cucumber

Cucumber too can fight chapped lips and can help you get the usual smile back on your face. You will need a slice of cucumber for the same and it is to be rubbed on the dry lips. The juice is to be left for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinsed. This process needs to be repeated regularly and soon you will get relief from chapped lips.

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