7 Reasons Why I Love To Travel Alone

travel alone

Traveling always makes us learn new things. There is nothing better than travelling alone once in a while. It not only gives you the opportunity to explore new facts about yourself but also makes you stronger from within. I also travel alone once in a while to rejuvenate myself and find the following changes within me

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7. I meet amazing people

While I travel alone, it often happens that I meet new people on the way. They could be someone from a co traveler to the hotel guests where I stay. I learnt a lot from people during my past travels and can have the benefit of spending time with someone I like without worrying about not giving time to my family, since I am travelling alone.

6. Sense of absolute freedom

At home I am more reserved and cannot do things as I desire always. While travelling solo, this is not the case and I can think of doing all the things which were not possible if I was to be with family while travelling.

5. I can challenge my fears and insecurities

Like others, I too have my fears and insecurities. These however get addressed when I am with my family and friends. This is however not possible when I am travelling alone and I have to deal with all my fears and insecurities, however small or big these might be.
This has developed a sense of confidence within me and I can deal with critical situations more aggressively and in a better coordinated manner.

4. I could fall in love with myself

It is only when you travel alone that you start knowing yourself. When surrounded with family and friends, I never got time to know myself. It was only while travelling alone that I discovered various aspects of my personality.

3. Time to pamper self

I could pamper myself while travelling alone as I could indulge in eating dishes which I always wanted to taste local cuisine of various places which I could not do with family as other things would take up time, leaving little time for exploration.

travel alone

2. Time to be original

It is only when a person is alone for a while that he or she can get original. I discovered this aspect of my personality while travelling alone and this made my life better subsequently when I came back and led my normal life with family and friends.

1. Being able to leave everything behind

Travelling alone gives me the perfect reason to leave all my worries behind and explore new places and meet new people.

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