7 Quick Tips On Skin Care That Can Make You Get Glowing Skin

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All of us wish for glowing flawless skin which adds to our personality. If we take small steps to ensure that the skin remains hydrated it is surely going to add charm to your personality.

glowing skin


Below are listed some tips which will help you keep the skin glowing.

7. Have nutritious fiber rich diet

If you are suffering from digestion related problems these are likely to impact your skin tone. Therefore choosing a combination of nutrient and vitamin rich diet is the key to having a glowing skin. Include white meat, nuts and fish in your diet along with some vegetables as beets, tomatoes and broccoli to get a glowing skin tone.

6. Drink lot of water

If you wish to purify the skin impurities drinking water and juices is the best option. Water helps in cleansing the body and also eliminates waste and toxins from it. Water also helps in hydration of the body and removes dirt and excess oil.
If you develop the habit of drinking at least 2 liters of water on daily basis, a noticeable change will be evident in a week’s time.

5. Avoid sun when possible

Though sunlight is a good source of Vitamin D but only morning sun from 7 am to 9am is good for your skin health. The UV rays get stronger after 9am and these can damage the texture of your skin if overexposure is done.
You should apply sunscreen with SPF of 45 and above, especially if you are outdoors during day hours.

4. Hydrating the skin

Hydration of body both from inside and outside is very important. You should cleanse your face two times every day but doing it often can also result in dryness of the skin. Always use cold water to cleanse your face as warm water can open pores in your skin which will allow dirt to enter the skin.

Use circular motion while washing the face will help skin remain hydrated.

how to get glowing skin, glowing skin, skin glow

3. Care for pimples

Pimple care is also important if you wish to get glowing skin. Never go for the instinct of popping the pimples as this will result in scars and will facilitate in getting the infected bacteria to make further inroads in your skin.

Instead try some homemade remedies to get rid of pimples and get glowing skin.

2. Remove the makeup before you sleep

If the makeup which you might have worn for any party or social gathering is allowed to remain overnight it will result in clogging of skin pores and will result in pimple and scar formation. It can also lead to growth of yeast on the skin.

You should therefore remove makeup before you sleep with help of mild cleansing milk and face wash before you sleep.

1. Don’t take stress home

Stress, be it work related or owing to some personal problems also has an effect on our skin tone. Remain happy and try to avoid stress, especially when you are at home. Have a regular sleep pattern with 7-8 hours of sound sleep. This will result in glowing skin and will enhance your personality development too.

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