7 Moments When You Realize How Awesome Your Friends Are!

Friends are an awesome gift in life. They always stand by you in your tough times. Certain times in life are hard and challenging for you and it is in these times that you realize how awesome your friends could be.

7. When you were in love

Remember the time when you were in love for the first time. It were your friends who guided you those awesome days and made your life really pleasant. If it was not for your friends, the love of your life would not have been with you.


6. When you were in pain

Be it a physical or emotional pain, your friends would have been always by your side to console you. Remember the day when your heart was broken for the first time and your friends came to console and guide you. This not only helped you get over the pain but also broadened your horizon to look at new aspects and things.

5. When you were in financial trouble

You might have been in some kind of financial problem sometimes in your life. It was during these challenging times that your friends would have come to your rescue and help reduce your financial liability.

4. When someone close in family passed away

Often challenging times come unexpected. This could be the death of someone close in your life. In such times, it is your friends who stand by you and give you the courage to get over the pain and lead a normal life.

3. When your parents were against you

Sometimes parents are also not able to understand children’s emotions and compel them to do things that they should not be doing. This often happens when it comes to choice of career. It is during these times that friends come to your help and make you understand the situation from different perspectives.

Years later when you are successful in your chosen field, you should not only be thanking your parents but also those friends who stood by you.

2. When you are alone

You might be alone in life owing to circumstance or choice. It is during these times that friends make you feel wanted and guide you in personal and professional matters. Often their suggestion can help improve the life in more than one aspect.

Friends for life

1. When they bring a smile on your face

You might have met your friends after a long time and they helped you relive a past moment. It is during such times that you realize that your friends are the most awesome person in your life.

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