7 Lessons You Learnt From Your Break Up, You Must Thank Your Ex For What They Did ;)

Breakup teaches a lot, your ex taught

You had a break up recently? And you are feeling bad about it? Oh common. By each passing day, you will start loving your life even more and would thank your ex for breaking up with you.

Breakups too can be happy

Check these 7 ways in which break up was a blessing in disguise for people:

1. Feeling the Freedom: No sacrifices, No compromises

Freedom from the fear of fulfilling someone expectations, sacrificing for them, compromises for them is the real sense of freedom and you feel once you are free from the relationship bondage. Don’t you think by not being pressurized for something, you can actually do what you want? Did you ever get this feeling while you were in a relationship? You can do much better in many ways now.

2. Experiencing lot many things around

There is so much to know, so much to learn and you realize this only after a breakup since you don’t have anything holding you back from such a great world.

3. Re-Discovering yourself

You are a strong person and you could handle yourself when that shitty person ditched you. Did you know this while being with them? You will understand your real strength after the hard time, handling yourself and caring for yourself more.

4. Accepting life with its imperfections

Being pampered feels awesome but there is a real world outside and that’s really different. You will see life with all its imperfections, only after heartbreak. Believe or not but even that is awesome!

5. Making wiser choices  

There are lots of happenings around but you are totally ignorant to those during your relationship. What to be worried of and what to let go, what is really right and what’s totally wrong will be the concerns and you will be able to handle them perfectly well.

6. Being more positive

And now you realize that what your friends had been telling you all that while was totally right and you will now re-connect with them once again and get back to the same mode like earlier. It is after break only that you start learning and take things in positive way.

7. Someone better is in the queue

So what if she decided to move on, don’t worry! Someone better is already in the queue. Options are always there in the market, you just have to look for them.



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