7 Ideas How You Should Celebrate Halloween This Year!


1. Convert your house into a haunted house




Ample of ghostly decoration options are available. Choose one and decorate your house in Halloween style, the haunted style. Make it look a haunted house.


2. Dress up, the ghost style

halloween dress up


Dress up as a pumpkin or a weird ghost or you may also choose to be an ugly witch. Pick up any costume to dress up the ghost style this Halloween. Halloween is incomplete without a perfect ghostly costume for each one of you. Do dress up in a ghost style.

3. Share ghost stories


One of the most amazing ways to celebrate Halloween is to tell ghost stories to each other. Get along with your family and friends during the evening and share ghost stories with them.

4. Throw a Halloween get-together or party and serve Halloween theme cake


Watching variety of ghosts is fun on a Halloween theme party. This is one of the best ways of celebrating Halloween. You get to see people dressed up in different variety of ghosts. Most of the Halloween theme parties start from the evening itself and continue for whole night.

5. Watch haunted movies



If you wish to party this time on Halloween, you may pick up any of your favorite haunted movies and watch it with family and friends or even alone if you want. Watching a scary movie all alone would be an amazing way of celebrate Halloween. If you’re afraid then call your friends and watch it together.

6. Traditional way of painting or carving pumpkin

Halloween-Pumpkin   Halloween Pumpkin

Painting or carving pumpkin is not something everyone does. It’s a traditional activity that many people use to practice in the past. Some still do it. Painting or carving a pumpkin would be another nice way of celebrating Halloween. You may use the same pumpkin for decorating the haunted windows of your house.

7. Explore a haunted house

Explore haunted house

You might have heard stories of haunted houses near your place or somewhere far off may be. There are many haunted houses that you may like to explore. Exploring a haunted house would be a thrilling act. There won’t be anything scarier than this. Ask your friends to join you for a visit to the haunted houses. Hey, but be cautious to be out of those houses at the right time. Ghosts don’t like to be disturbed, after all even they will be celebrate Halloween in their special ways.


So, enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!


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