7 Facts About Earth We Bet You Had No Clue About

Earth or the mother earth as we know it has been home to human life for times immemorial. Yet, we do not know many facts about this planet which is our home. Below are listed some of the interesting facts about Earth which you might have never known.

7. Earth derives its name from Anglo Saxons

Apart from Earth every other planet has been named after Roman or a Greek deity or God. The word Earth however derives its name from the word Erda which literally means soil or ground. Earth is covered by water for 71 % of its size, the only planet to have so.

6. Earth is the only planet to have Plate Tectonics

Earth is made of 7 major crusts which are moving up 4 inches a year. As they crash into each other, it gives rise to mountains and pulling apart results in formation of valleys. Earthquakes too are the result of this phenomena.
Carbon also gets recycled and replenished as a result of these activities thus helping life flourish.

5. The twin planet of Earth is named Thesia

Earth also had a twin planet by the name of Thesia. This was about the size of Mars and came crashing some 4.533 billion years ago. Some of its part was absorbed by Earth and rest combined to form the Moon.

4. 90% of our ocean wealth is still unexplored

Though man has visited moon but only 10 % of the aquatic fauna and flora has been explored until date. Only around 212,906 marine species have been explored and there are around 25 million aquatic species that we have no clue about.

3. Coldest temperature of Earth (128.6F)

Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth with temperature being as low as -100 degrees F and on July 21, 1983 Vostok Station in Antarctica recorded a low of -128.6-degree F.

2. Highest point on Earth is not Mount Everest

Though Mount Everest at 29,035 feet is considered to be the highest point on Earth anything along the equator is considered close to stars. Going by this calculation, Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador which is 20,564 feet is technically 1.5 miles higher than Mount Everest.

1. The Earth is not round

The Earth is a sphere and due to its gravitational forces it cannot be considered as a circle. There is a bulge around the equator owing to this. The Polar radius of Earth is 3,949.99 miles and the Equatorial radius is 3,963.34 miles.


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