7 Common Things People Start Doing Before Breaking Up

breakup, breaking up, tips on breakup

Before any relationship ends, the partner who is interested in ending the same starts behaving abnormally and does some common things through which you can judge that the relation might not survive the test of time.

breakup, breaking up, tips on breakup

7. Annoyance reaches a higher level

Your moves which might have incited your partner in the past will all of a sudden increase his or her annoyance level. Things might get bad to the extent that the guy or girl might start avoiding you too.

6. They stop confiding in you

Your partner might have shared even the most irrelevant secret with you but in times which are likely to test your patience, your partner will in all likelihood stop confiding in you.

5. They get busy with new people

This can be a real possibility when a relationship is about to end. Your partner might get busy with other potential new partner and could even begin texting them, knowing very well that you are with them.

4. They stop making plans with you

In a scenario where the probability of your partner breaking the relation is high, you will notice that your partner will stop making plans with you. Even if he or she has committed to spending a weekend with you, the plan might go haywire, all of a sudden.

3. They are never happy in your company

You will notice that your partner is no longer happy in your company. He or she will always find excuses for ignoring you and even if you happen to be together, your partner will be annoyed being with you. This is very different from past days when you were there best pal.

2. Your partner is not interested in sex

This would have been the biggest luring factor in the past but when a relationship is on the verge of collapse, you will notice that your partner will suddenly have no interest in having sex with you. This will eventually lead to fights between you, something which your partner might be waiting to happen for.

1. They fight for no reason

A small argument could turn into a big fight when your partner is no longer interested in maintaining a relationship with you. This is a clear sign that all is not well in the relationship and you also need to think beyond.

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