7 Common Symptoms Of Flu Story

Symptoms of flu might vary from person to person but it does cause unrest to everyone and others in the family also. Proper medicine and ample rest is required to recover from flu. However, it is equally important that we know the symptoms of flu before it strikes so that proper medication can be taken.

7. Vomiting and Diarrhea

Vomiting and diarrhea might occur in other cases too but are also a symptom that you could be suffering from flu. Children suffering from flu most show these symptoms.

6. Headache
Symptoms of flu - Headache

Headache is another common symptom and you body will also ache when you suffer from Flu. Head pain might get worse in case you are having flu. If you feel head pain with fever, it can be an indication that flu is on the way.

5. Congestion

Congestion is very common in cold but if the condition becomes severe, it is an indication that you could be suffering from flu. Even mild congestion should not be ignored and if you have a hint that it could complicate your medical condition, consult the doctor immediately.

4. Coughingsymptoms of flu - Coughing

Coughing might come with mucous or could be dry also. If you are suffering from flu, the coughing could be dry. If the cough persists, medical attention might be needed as it could make your flu worse.

3. Aches and pain

Muscles sore when you are feeling from flu. The condition can get so worse that moving around could become a problem. Pain and body aches are more common when you are suffering from flu so if you experience any such condition repeatedly, it is a firm indication that you could be suffering from flu.

2. ExhaustionExhaustion - symptoms of flu

In such a condition, you develop the feeling that you are completely worn out. Performing daily activities also become difficult in such condition. When suffering from flu, the exhaustion is much more severe which you might feel when you are suffering from a normal cold condition.

1. Fever and chill

Fever is a normal symptom when you are ill but you will also feel extremely cold if flu has struck you. This fever will however come suddenly when you are suffering from flu. The higher your body temperature is, the colder air will feel and you will want to cover yourself in a warm blanket.

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