6 Reasons That Prove You Are Stuck At The Wrong Job And You Must Quit It.

go for another job

You know you are stuck at the wrong place, if you are experiencing these things mentioned below:

1. You are tensed and anxious almost all the time you are at work

Life at the company may not always be on the brighter side, there may be bad days too. Many would whisper beside the cooler about delayed orders, lost customers, loan requirements enabling the wealthy to borrow money, no money to lend, when new products are not launched and get old. There is no good news anywhere in the company.

tensed at work

2. Your job sucks away your life and spirit

Many a time, unhappiness is caused not by employers. Do not blame your job, instead do the needful and get it done quickly, do not sit about wasting time. Also if you have set up your career goals and if they lie elsewhere then there is no use blaming the job. If setting up a small business, writing a pot boiler or travelling is your true calling then it is better to concentrate on them, rather than your job.

Job sucks life and spirit

3. This is just not what you wanted to do

Sometimes, people wonder that whether they are fit for the job itself or not. As job un-fit people do not tend to polish their skills as and when required. Thus most job un-fit people in the corporate sector do not tend to be corporate enough!!! It is thus important that firstly you are suitable for the type of job that you’re doing.


4. ENVIRONMENT: It’s way to dynamic that you just can’t resist any more

In the beginning, you may have enjoyed the work, even had great response but something is different. The culture is changing in the company and therefore you have to change too. Maybe the company was bought by an older one which is strict and therefore the working environment will definitely change. There might also be a new boss who is strict and less considerate than the previous one. Work environment changes rapidly and so must you!

Bad work environment

5. Promotions are too far for you, though your friends are getting up there.

You apply for promotion or lateral moves but your colleague gets chosen over you. You improve yourself, ask for feedback and get the desired experience. Then you apply again but this time too you are not considered for the promotion.

You are not getting promoted

6. It’s time you must “Grab another Passing Opportunity before it’s too late”.

Grab any opportunity that presents itself before you before it is too late.

go for anotherj ob


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