6 Things We All Do When We Are At Home

dance alone

In this age of communication and hectic work schedules, it is rare that we find time alone at home. However, whenever any such scenario arises, it is but natural that we do certain things which we would have never done if we were in company of someone else.

6. Talking to ourselves

Many people talk to themselves when they are at home, either with others or alone. We find time to talk to ourselves and ponder on things which have gone wrong in our personal or professional life.

talking to yourself

5. Call friends for party

At times when you are at home for long, boredom sets in. It is in these times that a person thinks of calling their friends for a party which lasts usually long.

4. Sing and dance alone

You might have not have the courage of showcasing your dancing or singing skills when in company of others. However, being alone at home gives you the liberty to test your singing and dancing skills and most of us do that.

dance alone

3. Stare at yourself

You might be shy of looking into the mirror often while dressing up for work or party. However, it is strange that whenever we are alone at home we do stop by the mirror and stare at the same.

2. Watch all the nasty stuff online

You might have the habit of not using computer at home owing to work compulsions. However, it is strange that we always find some time to check out nasty stuff online whenever we are alone at home. However, a good habit would be to always delete the browsing history, lest someone catches us on the wrong foot.

1. Do things which cannot be imagined in public

Whenever alone at home, people tend to do certain things which they would have never done in public. Often, the creative instinct of people too comes alive when they are alone as they know that they will not have to face embarrassment from others for their weird habits or ideas.


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