6 Reasons Your Next Holiday Should Be A Road Trip!

Awesome Road Trip

Breaks are absolutely necessary in life. A holiday, even for a weekend, every 3-6 months is absolutely necessary. and what better way can it be than road tripping. If you haven’t taken a road trip yet following are the reasons why you should look forward to have this amazing experience.

Awesome Road Trips


1. Total flexibility

The top most reason to take a Road Trip is that you have 100 per cent more flexibility travelling by your car. No timetables to follow, no scheduled arrivals or departures, no nothing. You can stop at whichever junction you like stay at spots you like for longer time and even better, you don’t need to plan most of the things. Above all you do not need to decide where you are going.

2. You can be more spontaneous

One of the two followings are bound to happen in any road trip:
1. You are driving down some road and one of your co-passengers reads a sign in the distance and suddenly everybody wants to check that out, so you get added destinations!
2. You meet locals and fellow travelers on your stoppages who tell you of amazing unheard of places and your itineraries get enhanced!
So What now? Will you be spontaneous and take up this detour. Yes you will because, as discussed earlier, you have no schedule to follow. You won’t sleep in the cities you were thinking you would crash that night. But who cares? If driving east instead of south seems more adventurous so be it!

A trip with no destinantion

3. Listening to awesome road trip music

Whenever a Road Trip scene comes in a movie where people are listening to fun music, dancing in the car and singing while driving, don’t you envy them? If you are traveling with good old friends, You have the chance to live that dram exactly like that. Just pick the right people, choose the some good music and hit the road!!!


Road trip food is like no other. You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten biscuits with the left over gravy at a stoppage for high tea. The restaurants you will find on a road trip will be non publicized small local restaurants serving the most authentic food possible from that region. No 5-Star or high-end coffee shop can match the pleasure of the food you get on Highway. Food is my top reason to take up frequent road trips.

Road Trip Stoppages

5. Catch up

There was a time when you were younger and had all the time to be spent with your friends. No responsibilities no burdens but somewhere in the past few years as you all grew up you almost lost the time to hang out with your friends anymore? People whom you knew in and out are now only in touch in the winter breaks. When was the last time you caught up with your friends an talked about dreams aspirations and issues of life? Well a road trip is an excellent opportunity to discuss everything that you used to share as kids. Catch up!

6. The journey is the destination; a road trip is an adventure!

You have always heard “journey is the destination”; well everybody had been talking about road trips. When going on a road trip plan not to plan. Do not think where you are headed to, do not think if you have reached some destinations. Plan should not be about going to a particular place, it can be of travelling southwards or westwards, and can be improvised on the way. It’s about all the landscapes, the fun breaks, the stoppages, the pranks, and chats! Live the moment!
And make sure the next holiday you take, you ditch the plane and hit the road!

Awesome Road Trip

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