6 Reasons That Prove The Flat Earth Theory

It has been claimed by the members of Flat Earth Society that our Earth is flat. They stand in contrary to the believers in science who contradict this Flat Earth Theory. Below are listed some key reasons listed by these group of people which will indeed make you think that earth is indeed flat.

  • Earth is a disk

The flat earth theory believers say and believe that earth is a disk that has Arctic Circle in its center and Antartica with its 150 feet tall wall of ice forming the rim. According to these people, NASA people guard this wall so that no one is able to climb over.

  • Sun and moon are spheres

People who believe in flat earth theory also hint use a reason to prove their facts. They say that sun and moon are spheres which measure 32 miles and move in circles 3,000 miles above the plane of Earth. These celestial spheres according to these people illuminate regions of the earth during the 24-hour cycle. They also hint towards the existence of an invisible anti-moon which obscures the moon during the lunar eclipse.

  • Earth’s gravity is an illusion

Believers of flat earth theory hint that the gravity of earth is an illusion. They say that objects never accelerate downwards and the disc of Earth instead accelerates in the upward direction at a rate of 32 feet per second.


  • Contradict Einstein’s theory

The flat earth believers also contradict Einstein’s theory of relativity to some extent. They also believe that the underneath of the earth is composed of rocks which provide some strength to this assumption of believing that Earth is rather a flat land.

  • Conspiracy theory

Flat earth theory believers also have some faith in the conspiracy theory according to which says that the photos of Earth are google shopped. This theory also hints at the fact that pilots who fly are made to think that they are flying in a straight line around a sphere even as they are flying in a circle above a disk.

flat earth

  • Zetetic Method

The flat earth theory believers have firm faith in Zetetic method which is an alternative to the scientific method and is indeed focused on sensory observations.

The number of believers in flat earth theory might be less across the globe but these people make for a group that holds their viewpoint firm and thinks and acts accordingly.

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