6 Reasons That Prove Eating Fats Is Necessary For Burning Fats

It is often said that eating fats should be avoided as it leads to many diseases. However, research points otherwise and it is now known that eating fats is in fact necessary for burning off the unnecessary fats.

Burning fatty acids can only be possible if you take adequate amount of fatty acids in your diet. The advantages of having a fat rich diet are imminent besides regulating the burning of excess fats.

Following are the benefits of eating a fat rich diet that proves amply that by eating fats in controlled manner, you will not only be able to burn off the fats but also stay healthy.

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6. Improvement in cardiovascular risk factors

Saturated fats infact play a detrimental role in determining your cardiovascular health. If you include a fair amount of saturated fats in your diet, it reduces the level of presence of lipoprotein. Lipoprotein is associated with increased risk of heart diseases.

Eating fats also increases the level of HDL which is considered to be good cholesterol.

5. Makes your bones strong

With increasing age the bones tend to become weaker and every minor fall can result in a fracture. To avoid such a scenario in your later life, make it a habit to include fats in your diet from an early age. You will have stronger bones and will be able to deal with minor fall accidents in a better way.

4. Improves liver health

Contrary to the assumption that consumption of fats can impact your liver health in a negative way, controlled consumption of fat rich food can infact improve your liver health. Saturated fat can protect your liver from toxic effects of alcohol and some other medications including drugs that are used for curing arthritis.

3. Makes your lungs healthy

The airspace of lungs needs to have a coat of lung surfactant for their proper functioning. For proper functioning the airspace in lungs needs saturated fatty acids. If the presence of saturated fatty acids gets diminished due to any reasons, the lungs might be in trouble and can put you into a medical emergency.

2. Important for healthy brain

The brain of a human being is composed of cholesterol and fat. A major share of this fatty acid comes from saturated fatty acids that a person consumes in their daily diet. It is therefore vital that you include a fair composition of fatty acids in your diet.

1. Makes the immune system strong

Immune health is largely strengthened by fatty acids present in food items as butter and coconut oil. If you skip the daily consumption of fatty acids common diseases as cold, fever strike with much more impunity. Ensure that you take recommended dose of fatty acids so as to be fit and healthy.


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