5 Smart Tricks Save Bananas From Getting Rotten

It often happens that bananas you bring in a big bunch from your fruit seller get rotten soon if you do not consume these within one or two days. It is however possible to save bananas from getting rotten if you take certain preventive steps. Below we list some of these preventive steps you can take to prevent bananas from rotting.

1. Soak them in fruit jar

If you soak your bananas in a fruit jar, they will take a long time to turn brown. It does not matter then if you are eating these raw or making a pie out of them. They will make an excellent combination for fruit salad if you use this measure to preserve the bananas. Try this trick if you are taking the bananas for a perfect packed lunch option.
Save banans from rotting - rotten bananas

2. Soda water

Club soda or soda water is known for its properties for preservation of freshly sliced fruits. The taste of banana also does not get affected if you try this method of preservation. You should soak the slices in soda water before you serve them or store the banana as a whole.

3. Use of diluted citric acid

Citric acid is the chemical that makes lemon sour. It is also used to save fruits from discoloring. If you wish to use citric acid to save bananas from getting rotten, you need to add three teaspoons to a cup of water. Blend this mixture carefully. You can then soak the slices of banana in the same. However, take care not to use undiluted citric acid as it is too sour and can spoil the taste.

4. Diluted vinegar

You can also use diluted vinegar in addition to citric acid to keep your bananas fresh. However, it is also very sour and you should dilute it before using the same. Similar to citric acid while using diluted vinegar, you should add a few teaspoons of these before you soak banana in the same.Save banans from rotting - fresh bananas

5. Exposure to air

Bananas turn brown when they are exposed to oxygen. You can easily save them from turning brown by using wax paper. For using the wax paper to cover the slices of banana effectively, you need to cut the slices in equal pieces and then place them on a tray. You can then use a wax paper gently to cover the slices so that it gets sandwiched effectively. You can then place the slices in a plastic container and keep them fresh for long to cherish at a later stage.

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