5 Most Terrifying Places In The World!

Most Terrifying places - Stull Cemetery

There are numerous places on Earth which can take the wits out of you. How much ever daring you might be these following places will surely terrify you to the core. We do not advice a visit, but if you must its on your own accord.

5. Riddle HouseMost Terrifying places - Riddle House

Riddle House in Florida was a funeral parlor originally. Karl Riddle bought this house in 1920’s. Joseph, one of the employees of Karl committed suicide in attic of this house. Men when they enter this attic are attacked even now by some unknown force.

4. Stull CemeteryMost Terrifying places - Stull Cemetery

Stull is a small town in Bumfuck. Only 20 people live now in Stull. Tragedies happened in Stull over a period. A farmer burnt his farm field and found that his son too had charred. Secondly, a man went missing and later his body was found hanging from a tree. Stull cemetery is now considered as one of the seven gateways to hell.
The place is so doomed that even Pope John Paul II did not allow his airplane to fly over eastern Kansas when he was visiting the region.

3. The RidgesMost Terrifying places - The Ridges Athens Lunatic Asylum

It was originally knows as Athens Lunatic Asylum and is one of the dreaded places in the world. This has been listed as 13th most haunted placed by British Society for Psychical Research. A 54 year old female patient mysteriously disappeared from this asylum and was later found dead in an unusual manner. Her corpse left a permanent stain on the floor and it is said that her spirit now haunts the ward.

2. Leap CastleMost Terrifying places - Leap Castle

This castle is known to be haunted by a number of evil spirits including those of a violent beast by the name of Elemental. Smell of rotting flesh and sulphur can be felt in the area. Interestingly, workers while cleaning this place found a well where prisoners were thrown and left to die.

1. The Mines of ParisMost Terrifying places - The mines of Paris

These are infinite tunnels which run below the surface of Paris and were used to dig minerals in earlier days. The mines which are now left unattended are believed to be haunted by spirits and thousands of human bones can be seen scattered in these tunnels which add a new dreaded assumption to the thought that the place can be considered as one of the top haunted places in the world. Interestingly, these mines and tunnels are criss crossed and cover a length of over 600 km through the region of Paris and its suburbs.

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